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arbcombo -- AB 32 - Automotive Solar Reflective Paint and Glazing Revised Draft Regulations

Posted: 05 Dec 2008 16:41:59
In response to comments made at the May 15, 2008 workshop and in
subsequent individual meetings, ARB has revised the draft
regulations previously proposed for solar reflective paint and
glazing. The revisions are summarized below; the new draft can be
found under "What's New" at

Paint and Coatings: The paint and coatings portion of the
original proposal included a requirement that 65 percent of the
infrared solar energy impinging on the painted or coated surface
be reflected, beginning with the 2012 model-year.  Discussions
with manufacturers and others led ARB to the conclusions that
such a goal is not technically feasible in the near- to mid-term.
 Further, the timeline for development and testing of new
pigments and paints is such that full compliance by 2012 would
not be feasible, regardless of the standard adopted.  The revised
proposal seeks a target of 30 percent total solar reflectivity. 
One third of the color palette would be required to meet that
target by 2012.  The balance (of medium and darker shades) would
have an additional 4 years to comply, with the entire color
palette required to meet the standard by 2016.  There are
exemptions for various parts of the vehicle and custom colors. 
Application of higher reflectivity paint or coating on the roof
of the vehicle would obviate the need to utilize solar reflective
paint and coatings on the balance of the vehicle.

Glazing: The glazing portion of the original proposal included a
requirement for the all-around use of solar reflective glazing
that transmits no more than 40 percent of the total solar energy
inside the vehicle, beginning with the 2012 model-year.  In
subsequent conversations, it was determined that this language
was confusing.  In the revised draft, ARB is retaining the
reflective glazing component, but has added a phase-in schedule,
and changed the compliance metric to total direct solar
reflectance.  The revised proposal requires that the vehicle
windshield reflect at least 45 percent of the impinging solar
energy, beginning with the 2012 model-year.  Solar control for
the rooflite, if any, would also begin with the 2012 model-year. 
However, more compliance paths exist for the rooflite, since it
need not comply with any federal visible light requirements, so
reflective glass is not required.  Requirements for the balance
of glazing would begin with the 2013 model-year. 
Alternate Options: Beginning with the 2016 model-year, the
proposed regulations allow a series of options that trade
improvements in reflectivity in glazing for reduced paint
requirements and vice versa.  Under these options, it would be
possible for a manufacturer to avoid all paint and coating
requirements, or substantially reduce the glazing requirements,
for a specified model.

Please review these revisions and submit your comments by
December 31, 2008.  Individual meetings to discuss aspects of the
proposal will be scheduled on request.  Please address questions
by email to Dr. Marijke Bekken, Staff Air Pollution Specialist,
at mbekken@arb.ca.gov or to Ms. Sharon Lemieux, Manager, at (626)
575-7067 or by email at sclemieu@arb.ca.gov. 

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