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ordiesel -- Off-Road Diesel Reporting Tool Update and Two-Engine Cranes

Posted: 23 Dec 2008 17:41:47
ARB staff have made additions to the off-road diesel vehicle
online reporting tool (DOORS) which allow fleets to complete the
initial reporting, including all special cases. 

Fleets which have not yet reported are encouraged to begin the
reporting process.  We STRONGLY encourage fleets to report early
so they have more time to label their vehicles and can get more
support if necessary from ARB staff.  The reporting deadline for
large fleets, those with over 5,000 horsepower of applicable
off-road diesel vehicles, is April 1, 2009.  The reporting
deadline for fleets between 2,501 and 5,000 horsepower is June 1,
2009, and for fleets with 2,500 or less horsepower the deadline
is August 1, 2009.

Previously DOORS was available for initial reporting but did not
allow reporting of all special cases.  DOORS now allows fleets to
report the following special cases:
•	Vehicles which were repowered with cleaner engines, 
•	Engines with non-standard emissions certifications, 
•	Vehicles involved in an incentive funding program (like Carl
Moyer or SOON),
•	Non-diesel vehicles, or systems, to receive credit for
replacing off-road diesel vehicles, and
•	Tier 0 vehicles which were retired between March 1, 2006, and
March 1, 2009, for early credit towards the regulation.

The reporting tool, instruction manuals, and guides to reporting
are available at
 For assistance with reporting, you may call (877)59-DOORS, or
email doors@arb.ca.gov

Additionally, ARB staff would like to be sure affected fleets
are aware that two-engine cranes were approved to be added into
the off-road regulation at the December 12, 2008, Board hearing. 
Once the approved requirements become effective (expected late in
2009), both engines in two-engine cranes will be included in the
off-road regulation reporting and emissions requirements,
regardless of whether the crane is used on-road or off-road, or
whether the crane’s secondary engine is already registered as a
portable engine.   Fleets may report two-engine crane engines
along with their initial reporting in 2009 if they wish.  More
information regarding the two-engine crane provisions is
available on p. 35 of the on-road truck and bus regulation staff
report at

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