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maritime -- Ship Auxiliary Engine Rule Marine Notices update

Posted: 02 May 2007 15:27:52
Good Day,

CARB has updated Marine Notice 2006-1 (Ship Safety Exemption
Information and Claim Form) and Marine Notice 2006-2 (Ship
Noncompliance Fee Information and Notification Form) with new
contact information.  The only change to these notices is the
contact information.  

For all issues related to the Auxiliary Engine Regulation,
please contact:
Mr. Paul Milkey
e-mail:  pmilkey@arb.ca.gov 
phone:  (916) 327-2957
toll-free phone:  877-808-7447 (for requesting a visit under the
Safety Exemption or Noncompliance Fee Provision)

Marine Notices are available at: 

Thanks and best regards,

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