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arbcombo -- Verification of Rypos, Inc. Hybrid Diesel Particulate Filter for Stationary Engines

Posted: 12 Jun 2007 16:01:28
The ARB has verified the Rypos, Inc hybrid diesel particulate
filter HDPF/C (trademarked) for 1996 to 2007 diesel engines used
in off-road stationary applications operating on CARB Diesel
fuel.  The HDPF/C (trademarked) uses an active flow through
filter followed by a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) to achieve
an 85 percent reduction in particulate matter emissions while
meeting the January 2009 NO2 limit, qualifying it for a Level 3
Plus verification.  Specific engine families and conditions for
which the Rypos HDPF/CTM has been approved are available on our
website at the following address:

If you have any questions regarding this verification, please
contact John Lee at 916.327.5975 or via e-mail at


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