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ms-mailings -- Proposed List Serve Notice for Motorcycle Tech Review Report

Posted: 13 Jun 2007 11:02:32
Staff is resending this listserv notice to correct an error in
the units for the motorcycle standards.  We apologize for any
confusion this may have caused.

The Air Resources Board has completed the 2006 technical review
required by the 1998 amendments to the on-road motorcycle
regulations.  Staff found that all manufacturers were able to
meet the Tier I requirement of 1.4 grams/kilometer (g/km)
HC+NOx.  Further, manufacturers are on track to provide
motorcycles in 2008 that meet the Tier II standard of 0.8 g/km
HC+NOx on a corporate-average basis.  The report can be
downloaded at:

For questions or comments, contact Ms. Sharon Lemieux, Manager,
Emission Research Section, (626) 575-7067 or sclemieu@arb.ca.gov

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