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portable -- Portable Equipment

Posted: 15 Mar 2007 15:35:50
Outreach materials concerning the recent amendments to the Air
Resources Board's (ARB) Portable Equipment Registration Program
(PERP) are now available.  Please go to:


These products include:

Press Release announcing ARBís extensive outreach program for

Postcard mailed on March 7, 2007 to about 300,000 contractors
licensed by the California Contractors State License Board
informing them about changes to PERP.  

Model Article for use by publishers of professional or industry
newsletters, publications, and trade journals to inform readers
about PERP.  

Information Sheet that answers questions related to eligibility
and cost that owners and operators may have about PERP. 

Flyer for managers of fleets of portable equipment informing
them about PERP. 

Flyer to be distributed at equipment dealers, equipment rental
counters, professional association offices, city and county
building permit offices, and air districts informing owners and
operators of portable equipment about PERP.

Flyer to be distributed to be distributed to current PERP
participants informing them about recent amendments to the
Portable Equipment Registration Program.

Thank You 

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