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arbcombo -- International Aerosol Modeling Algorithms (IAMA) Conference

Posted: 22 Jun 2007 14:17:08
The International Aerosol Modeling Algorithms (IAMA) Conference
presented by The University of California Davis Air Quality
Research Center and The California Air Resources Board will be
held on:
December 4-7 2007 
The ARC, 
University of California, 
Davis, CA 95616 USA.


Air quality models simulate the physical and chemical mechanisms
that transport and transform particulate matter in the
atmosphere. These models are used to explore scientific
hypotheses and help establish regulatory frameworks. Accurate
models define air quality science which informs public policy
debate on urban and regional smog formation, global climate
change, stratospheric ozone depletion and the health effects of
particulate matter inhalation. Currently there are no regularly
scheduled meetings that address the techniques and algorithms
used to model atmospheric aerosol dynamics. This conference is
being held to meet this need.

Researchers who are developing and refining aerosol modules for
air quality models are invited to submit an abstract for an oral
or poster presentation. Anyone with an interest in the subject is
welcome to attend.

Conference Sponsors
California leads the way in establishing both sound science and
public policy on air quality issues. The California Air
Resources Board has been supporting new research and developing
innovative regulatory policies for 40 years and maintains one of
the most proactive and cutting-edge programs in the world. 
Formed in 2005, the Air Quality Research Center brings together
one of the largest concentrations of air quality scientists in
the United States and is at the forefront of expanding our
understanding of critical environmental challenges facing our
planet in the 21st century.

Please see the Air Quality Research Center web page:
for more details.

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