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newsclips -- Newsclips for January 3, 2011

Posted: 03 Jan 2011 13:36:58
California Air Resources Board News Clips for January 3, 2011. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


A Year Later, L.A.'s Ports Continue Struggling With Clean Air
Violators. A year after Neon Tommy first reported trucking
companies are making an end-run around stricter clean air rules,
Port of Los Angeles officials addressed the Harbor Commission at
a meeting about its own investigation into the problem. Under the
end-run practice, a clean truck takes cargo a short distance
outside port gates where it meets an older, dirtier truck that
transports the load to its final destination. Last month the
California Air Resources Board, the state’s regulatory emissions
agency, voted to outlaw these clean-to-dirty swaps, but it could
take up to a year for the statute to take effect. Posted.


Predicting the Climate-Changed City of the Future. Imagine the
commute of the future: "The Jetsons," or more "Blade Runner"? 
Will family sedans crisscross in blue skies, or will machines
crawl past craggy skylines in perpetual night?  Such visions are
staples of the entertainment business but deservedly scarce in
universities, government and industry. None have the crystal ball
that shows which future technologies and behaviors -- some of
which would surely astonish today's city slicker -- have become
routine. Posted.

Budget Deficit Could Make Gov. Brown's 2011 Climate To-Do List
Daunting. Democrats in the Legislature have introduced a bill to
mandate a Renewable Portfolio Stamdard of 33 percent by 2020. For
California, indisputably the nation’s leader on climate policies,
2011 is likely to be a year in which the state comfortably widens
its lead. From auto emissions standards to the construction of
solar and wind farms, California is expected to take major steps
forward. The first step will be decidedly backward, however.
Posted. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUS26837758320110103

California Moves To Cap Greenhouse Gases. The measure sets a
statewide limit on the emissions from sources responsible for 80%
of California’s greenhouse-gas emissions and establishes a price
signal needed to drive long-term investment in cleaner fuels and
the more efficient use of energy, according to CARB. The
regulation is designed to provide covered entities with the
flexibility to seek out and implement the lowest-cost options to
reduce emissions. Posted.


San Joaquin Valley Utilities And Firms Work To Meet Green Energy
Mandates. The sun performed as promised at Jim Jasper's business
near Newman. He installed about 4,000 panels that capture solar
energy for use in processing almonds at Stewart & Jasper
Orchards. Jasper said he expects to save as much as $250,000 on
his Pacific Gas & Electric Co. bill each year. But he said
something else that gets to the crux of the renewable energy
debate: "It doesn't pencil out without the subsidies." Posted.

The 10 Most Hopeful Green Business Stories of 2010. There's a lot
to be said for viewing the year just passed through the rear-view
window. Toyota's hybrids hit the wall, so to speak, in terms of
being seen as a paragon of safety. BP spouted all too vividly the
perils of the petro-based economy. The bigger peril, climate
change (or global warming, or whatever it's called) became,
somehow, a non-issue, politically speaking. Indeed, the political
climate in the United States turned against pretty much all
things environmental. Meanwhile, toxic substances and
gender-bending chemicals found their way into everything from
mattresses to baby bottles. I could go on. Posted.


DOWNEY: 1 Million Electric Cars. Outgoing Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger had his Million Solar Roofs Plan. Will incoming
Gov. Jerry Brown have a Million Electric Cars Plan? It is the
hope of an influential environmental group that Brown will.
Persuading the new governor to launch such a bold initiative is
one of Environment California's top priorities for the New Year.
The group mentioned the idea in a letter that went out with
holiday cards in December. Posted.


California Air Resources Board To Help Fund Switcher Particulate
Filter Project In L.A. The California Air Resources Board (CARB)
recently selected a switching locomotive particulate filter
demonstration in Los Angeles among several projects the board
plans to help fund. The selected projects will advance
clean-engine technologies that can reduce locomotive emissions,
according to CARB. The partners pursuing the L.A. project include
Union Pacific Railroad, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach,
Calif., and Johnson Matthey. The partners plan to test a Johnson
Matthey diesel particulate filter system on a switcher operating
at the ports. Posted.


Working Together, We Can Clean Our Air. Can the San Joaquin
Valley Air Pollution Control District do more to get buy-in from
the people of Kern County and the Central Valley?  Does the
regional air-quality agency simply have an image problem? Or does
this come down to a public that's not willing to make the
necessary sacrifices to return the Central Valley's air to a
state of reasonable healthfulness? Posted.

Like Day, Night Lunacy Follows Liberalism. It's an almost
seamless transition from the concept of fantasy vs. reality that
I wrote about last week to what can be properly categorized as
lunacy in so much of what passes for conventional wisdom by our
friends on the left. The catchy headline from the December 23
Daily News, "She thinks my tractor's smoggy," belied just such
lunacy of regulation, spending and junk science.
Suggesting little controversy, the article described how over
$27,000 of state grant money would replace one 1989 tractor,
while other unspecified funds would replace other tractors.
Posted. http://www.redbluffdailynews.com/opinion/ci_16998652


California's New Eco-Laws: Curbs On Toxics, Tax Breaks For Green
Business. A slew of new environmental laws in California  is on
the books for 2011, including measures to outlaw the use of
cadmium in children's jewelry, allow the conversion of offshore
oil rigs into artificial reefs, and offer sales-tax exemptions
for equipment for green businesses. The state's brutal recession
and high unemployment were cited by businesses fighting increased
regulation over the past year. Posted.

Battle Brews over EPA's New Emissions Regulations. All in all,
2010 was a year to forget for environmentalists — carbon
cap-and-trade legislation died, international climate talks
sputtered and even the clean-tech market took a hit — and 2011
isn't looking much better. The incoming class of Republicans
taking over the House in January features no shortage of members
who deny the connection between man-made greenhouse-gas emissions
and a warming planet — let alone think it's worth trying to lower
those emissions. Posted.

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