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newsclips -- Newsclips for January 5, 2011.

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 12:09:52
California Air Resources Board News Clips for January 5, 2011.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Boardís Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Air Regulators Ask For No Burning This Week in Bay Area. Air
pollution regulators are asking Bay Area residents to refrain
from burning wood fires this week because of weather conditions
that trap smoke near the ground and could spur a mandatory
burning ban on Thursday and Friday. In a new clean air strategy
this cold season, this is the third time the Bay Area Air Quality
Management District has asked the public not to burn in an effort
to reduce smoke. Posted.

Imported Natural Gas Raises Health, Pollution Concerns. Some San
Diegans are concerned that SDG&E is contributing to the area's
air pollution through using a process that imports natural gas
from other countries. The imported gas is piped into San Diego
through a pipeline operated by Sempra Energy and SDG&E in Baja
California. When the liquid natural gas is shipped overseas, it
can be delivered at minus 260 degrees. But when it's heated, the
gas generates more air pollutants that could affect air quality
and health. Posted.

Farmers Hesitant To Purchase Cleaner Tractors. In an effort to
comply with newly tightened air regulations, tractor
manufacturers are introducing less-polluting models, but farmers
are reluctant to purchase the vehicles. The Tier 4 standards, a
part of U.S. EPA's air regulations, require new nonroad diesel
engines to produce fewer nitrous oxides. Tractor makers have
accomplished this task by building vehicles that will convert
exhaust to mostly water vapor and atmospheric nitrogen, reducing
the risk of acid rain. Posted.


Scientist Proves Conservatism And Belief In Climate Change Aren't
Incompatible. According to the conventional wisdom that liberals
accept climate change and conservatives don't, Kerry Emanuel is
an oxymoron. Emanuel sees himself as a conservative. He believes
marriage is between a man and a woman. He backs a strong
military. He almost always votes Republican and admires Ronald
Reagan. Emanuel is also a highly regarded professor of
atmospheric science at MIT. Posted.

Study: No-Till Farming Reduces Greenhouse Gas. Cropland that's
left unplowed between harvests releases significantly smaller
amounts of a potent greenhouse gas than conventionally plowed
fields, according to a new study that suggests no-till farming
can combat global warming. Researchers said the findings could
also help farmers make more efficient use of the costly
nitrogen-based fertilizers used to promote plant growth. No-till
farming apparently slows the breakdown of fertilizers in the
soil, they said. Posted.

Solar Power Notches 2 Victories, Sort Of. Two recent developments
in California solar policy aim to make it easier for small-scale
renewable energy projects to connect to the grid, but it's
unclear how much they will help the smallest developers. The
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) decided last month
to require the state's three investor-owned utilities to hold
quarterly auctions to build renewable energy projects up to 20
megawatts in size until a total of 1 gigawatt (1,000 MW) is
reached. Posted.

New Year Offers Buffet Of New State Regulations. California has a
new environmental regulation for just about everyone. The grab
bag of rules that took effect this week will -- among other
things -- change the way Californians insure cars, buy light
bulbs and build buildings. Drivers for the first time can shop
for "pay as you drive" insurance policies that will reward them
for reducing the time they spend sitting in traffic. The first
such policies, which are pegged to actual mileage audits, are now
being offered by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. and
the Automobile Club of Southern California, with other companies
expected to follow suit. Posted.

Congress To Obama: You Canít Regulate Carbon Emissions. Obama To
Congress: Watch Me. In the first two years of his term, President
Obama fought a number of pitched battles with Congress, from
healthcare reform to financial regulation reform. He won more
than he lost, but one issue on which he lost spectacularly was
his quest to regulate the emissions of greenhouse gasses through
a cap-and-trade system. Republicans were unified in their
opposition to what they called a "job-killing cap-and-trade
program," and even many Democrats were skeptical; a bill never
even came up for a vote. Posted.

GHG Emissions Trigger New Air Quality Permitting Requirements.
The U.S. EPA has recently promulgated environmental regulations
for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that will impose significant
new air quality permitting requirements on both new and existing
industrial facilities and projects. For new projects in
particular, these requirements could substantially affect the
associated cost, design, and permitting timelines. Posted.

A 'Bulge' In Atmospheric Pressure Gives Us A Super-Cold Winter
Amid Global Warming. Icicle-covered oranges in Florida. The
United Kingdom swamped with its coldest December in more than a
century. Travelers stranded in airports surrounded by snowy
fortresses. These have been some of the dominant images this
winter, and now one forecaster says it's going to get colder.
Yesterday, an AccuWeather meteorologist predicted that January
could be the chilliest for the nation as a whole since the 1980s.
Posted. http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/print/2011/01/05/1


Electrifying: A Decade of EV Subsidies. Making electrification a
mainstream reality Electrification. Some think itís a joke. A
part of a big global warming hoax. And, if you live in the short
term, electrification is a pretty silly story. Without massive
government subsidies and tax incentives plug-in vehicles are the
quickest path to automotive bankruptcy. However, if you think
long term, the fungible greatness of electrification offers
potential impossible to ignore. Still, how many billions is the
path to cost-effective electrification worth? Posted.


Can We Trust The State Air Board To Give The Whole Truth And
Nothing But The Truth? As California's smog-fighting Air
Resources Board gets set to impose America's first cap-and-trade
rules for fighting the greenhouse gases most scientists believe
are helping cause global warming and climate change, it is also
considering imposing a "truth" rule on everyone who testifies in
its hearings or submits reports to it. For some, that appears a
bit ironic right now, as the board has just scaled back diesel
particulate pollution regulations that were based on a report
whose lead author turned out to have falsified his academic
credentials. Posted.


Environmentalists Sue to Block A New City In L.A. County. A
coalition of environmental and Native American groups has sued
the California Department of Fish and Game over permits issued to
build 21,000 homes on Los Angeles County's last major tract of
undeveloped land. The coalition, which filed the suit Monday in
San Francisco County Superior Court, alleges that fish and game
officials violated state environmental codes in granting permits
Dec. 3 for the controversial Newhall Ranch development. Posted.

Scary New Year's Resolutions for Our Air Agency in Southern
California. The South Coast Air Quality Management District is
holding its monthly Governing Board meeting on Friday of this
week. The Governing Board sets the policy and makes regulations
for the District, which is charged with enforcing clean air laws
in the South Coast Air Basin. The South Coast Air Basin is the
region that includes all of Orange County and the urban portions
of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Riverside counties.  Home to
more than 16 million residents, the region consistently tops the
lists for the filthiest air in the nation. Posted.

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