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vee -- Important VEE Announcements for 2011

Posted: 05 Jan 2011 12:23:54
I am pleased to announce that we are no longer charging for Day
VEE (100.1) or Night VEE (100.2) Certification. Reminder: 
Completion of Course #100 Fundamentals of Enforcement (FOE or
Smoke School) is REQUIRED for anyone who seeks Day or Night VEE
Certification from the California Air Resources Board.

CARB is offering an FOE course in San Diego next week, January
11, 2011 through January 13th, 2011. The classroom portion of the
course will be held at a new location: Mission Trails Regional
Park in San Diego on Tuesday and Wednesday. The field portion of
the class on Wednesday and Thursday and the Day VEE on Thursday,
January 13th, 2011, will still be held at Flinn Springs County
Park in El Cajon. Register Online
(http://www.arb.ca.gov/training/myarb/login.php) or contact David
Cunkelman at (916) 323-1168 or dcunkelm@arb.ca.gov for help with
register or to resolve any other questions.

Due to the FOE in San Diego, San Dimas’ six month VEE cycle was
moved one week later to Thursday, January 20th, 2011. To
accommodate any clients that need to maintain their certification
without that break, we are holding an additional Half-Day VEE
Certification in San Dimas from 8:30am – 12:30pm on Friday,
January 14th, 2011. Both of these sessions will be held at Frank
G. Bonelli Regional County Park. 

Please review our 2011 Training Calendar
(http://www.arb.ca.gov/training/veecalendar.php) and 2011 PDF
If you have any questions about the FOE/VEE Program, please
contact David Cunkelman at (916) 323-1168 or

David Cunkelman
FOE/VEE Program Coordinator
Air Pollution Specialist
Enforcement Division

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