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newsclips -- Newsclips for January 6, 2011.

Posted: 06 Jan 2011 11:15:07
California Air Resources Board News Clips for January 6, 2011. 
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.

Air Pollution

New California Governor Brown Reappoints CARB Chairman Nichols.
California Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday, Jan. 5, announced his
reappointment of Mary Nichols as chairman of the California Air
Resources Board. “I am delighted to join the Brown administration
and be reappointed as chairman of the California Air Resources
Board,” Nichols says. “I look forward to continuing the work of
ARB to clean California’s air, protect the public’s health and
help drive the development of clean and more efficient energy
sources and technologies to power our state’s economy and
generate new green jobs.” Posted.

Tractor Replacement Application Deadline Extended. A grant
program to help replace agricultural tractors has expanded the
application period and eligibility. Applications are still being
accepted, and more applicants are eligible for a new air district
incentive program that replaces off-road agricultural tractors.
The program application period runs through Jan. 31. Funding for
the program comes from a combination of local, state and federal
sources. Posted.

Climate Change

Coalition Declares Sierra, Delta Habitats Threatened By Climate
Change. Both the Sierra Nevada and the San Francisco Bay-Delta
have been named by environmental groups to a new list of 10
American habitats threatened by climate change. The list was
released Wednesday by the Endangered Species Coalition, a network
of hundreds of conservation groups in the United States. The 10
threatened habitats – deemed most important for endangered
species in a warming world – were selected by a panel of 10
scientists from across the country representing academia and the
conservation community. Posted.

Analysis: Obama under Pressure to Delay EPA Carbon Rules. The
Obama administration is facing intense pressure from all sides to
delay its efforts to limit greenhouse gases, but don't expect it
to call off its chief enforcer on climate -- the EPA -- without a
fight. Congress failed last year to pass a climate change bill
and into this vacuum has been thrust the Environmental Protection
Agency -- a symbol of government excess for the political right
but an institution of last resort for environmentalists. Posted.

Famed Global-Warming Critic Speaks In O.C. In the public debate
over climate change, it's hard to find a more controversial
figure than S. Fred Singer. A leader among climate-change
"skeptics," Singer  has published a small library of books on the
subject. He regularly delivers his verdict in public talks: that
climate change is a natural process, unrelated to human activity
and unlikely to have the harmful effects predicted by many
scientists. Posted.

US House Republican Power Shift Could Impact US Energy, Climate
Policy. Republicans took control of the US House of
Representatives Wednesday and their dual goals of slashing
federal spending and eliminating what they call "job-killing"
government regulations could significantly alter US energy and
climate-change policy. Representative John Boehner, an Ohio
Republican, is scheduled to make his first speech as speaker of
the House at about 2 p.m. EST (1900 GMT). Posted.

Green Energy

Mapping California's Worldbeating Cleantech Boom. Of all the
companies around the world that the UK's Guardian called out for
its second annual Global Cleantech 100, roughly a third are based
in California. The list spans technologies including energy
generation, storage and efficiency; water and waste water;
transportation and others. The special report includes an
interactive map of where the firms are located. It makes an
interesting study by itself, showing a dense cluster of 31 firms
over California, with a smattering of others around the US. About
a dozen are concentrated in a few northeastern states. Four are
located in China, two in India. Posted.

California Leads the Way in New Energy Efficiency Standards. As
of this week, 100-watt incandescent bulbs manufactured after Jan.
1, 2011 can not be sold in California stores. The new law means a
former 100-watt bulb will have to use 72 watts or less, or be 28%
more efficient. The 72-watt replacement bulb will provide the
same amount of light (measured in "lumens") for lower energy
costs. Adam Gottlieb, spokesman for The California Energy
Commission, said the Golden State is the first state in the
country to enact the new light bulb efficiency standards outlined
under federal law. Posted.

Green Goods Movement: Port of Long Beach. Once home to the naval
ships of World War II, and my grandfather, a naval officer on the
Hornet, the Port of Long Beach is now part of the largest port
complex in the United States.  When combined with its twin port,
the Port of Los Angeles (to be featured in my next piece), it is
the 5th busiest port complex in the world and receives nearly 40%
of all containers imported into the United States.  With
approximately 7 Million TEUs (containers) passing through the
port each day, it is the port of entry for approximately 64% of
all container traffic from Asia.   Posted.


Technology That Breaks the Car Industry Mold. As the auto
industry faces tougher fuel-economy standards, engineers are
working on longer-term fixes for what ails today's models: too
much weight, inefficient engines, a troubled fuel source for
gasoline-powered cars and recalcitrant batteries in electric
ones. Here's a look at four technologies that could make cars
more environmentally friendly. Posted. 


Why Not Solar Power in the Desert? Here’s Why. We’ve all grown up
in love with the idea of renewable energy helping to reduce our
negative impact on the planet. So now that renewable energy
projects are being proposed in high numbers out in the desert,
many people wonder what all the controversy is about. After all,
the desert is where the sun shines brightest. So why are the
environmentalists still not happy?  Posted.


Climate News Snooze?  Has media coverage of human-driven climate
change gone away, or gone undercover, as was the case for this
CBS radio reporter seeking a quiet zone at Copenhagen climate
talks a year ago? If so, does this matter? In my year-end summary
post over the weekend, I touched on some analysis showing,
unsurprisingly, that after several years of heavy exposure,
global warming, the greatest story rarely told, had reverted to
its near perpetual position on the far back shelf of the public
consciousness — if not back in the freezer. Posted.

Boxer: EPA Climate Delay Bill Could Pass, But Would Be Rejected
By Obama. One of the Senate’s most liberal lawmakers signaled
Wednesday that there may be enough support there to pass
legislation delaying the Environmental Protection Agency’s
efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. But Sen. Barbara
Boxer (D-Calif.), one of the strongest advocates in the upper
chamber for reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions,
warned that such legislation, if passed, would likely be rejected
by President Obama. Posted.

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