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onrdiesel -- Summary of the Amendments Considered by the Board and Advisory about Enforcement Delay and Reporting Deadline Changes

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 16:21:39
The regulation was amended in December 2010 to provide more time.
  The amended regulation would require installation of PM
retrofits beginning January 1, 2012 and replacement of older
trucks starting January 1, 2015.  By January 1, 2023, nearly all
vehicles would need to have a 2010 model year engines or
equivalent.  The following documents are now available:

Enforcement Advisory No. 424 provides information about the
enforcement delay of the Truck and Bus Regulation until January
1, 2012.  

A Fact Sheet is also available that summarizes the regulatory
requirements consistent with amendments considered by the Board
on December 17, 2010.

The documents and other information are available at:

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