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newsclips -- Newsclips for January 19, 2011

Posted: 19 Jan 2011 09:49:36
Newsclips for January 19, 2011. 

Air Pollution

EU delays tackling air pollution to 2012 or later: The European
Union's executive has agreed to delay new laws forcing industry
to take costly steps to tackle air pollutants that are blamed for
respiratory problems and premature deaths in cities. Posted

Chimneys: repair or replace? November 2010 updates to the Palo
Alto building codes puts the city of Palo Alto in compliance with
Bay Area Air Quality Control Management District requirements
aimed at reducing wood-smoke air pollution. The codes prohibit
one-for-one replacement of a damaged wood-burning fireplace or
the construction of a new one.  Posted

EPA releases emissions data from animal feeding study: The U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency is making data publicly available
from a two-year study of air emissions from animal feeding
operations (AFOs). AFOs, which house large numbers of animals for
production of meat, dairy products and eggs. Posted

Obama Issues Executive Order to Cut Red Tape: In his most
forceful reply yet to industry groups and Republicans who have
accused the administration of slowing the economic recovery by
tying up businesses in red tape, President Obama has ordered a
top-to-bottom review of federal regulations to get rid of rules
that are outdated and harmful to the economy, the White House
announced this morning. Posted

Climate Change

Improved Measurements of Sun to Advance Understanding of Climate
Change: Scientists have taken a major step toward accurately
determining the amount of energy that the sun provides to Earth,
and how variations in that energy may contribute to climate
change. Posted

Climate change growing risk for insurers: industry: Insurers are
struggling to assess the risks from climate change, industry
officials say, with the floods in Australia and Brazil
highlighting the potential losses from greater extremes of
weather. Posted

Climate change study had 'significant error': experts: A climate
change study that projected a 2.4 degree Celsius increase in
temperature and massive worldwide food shortages in the next
decade was seriously flawed, scientists said Wednesday. Posted

Bills would rein in Va. AG's climate change probe: Two Democratic
senators are offering bills that would restrain conservative
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s civil inquest into climate
change research at the University of Virginia. Posted

'Climate Change' stocks see rapid global growth: The number of
‘climate change' stocks available globally has rocketed from 510
in 2007 to nearly 800 now according to fund manager Schroders.
The firm, which runs the Global Climate Change fund, identifies
five main drivers in the sector energy efficiency, clean energy,
low carbon fossil fuels, sustainable transport and environmental
resources. Posted

M&G analysis on Stiglitz lecture: World renowned economist and
winner of the Nobel prize for economics Professor Joseph Stiglitz
shared his thoughts on climate change, its effects on the global
economy and South Africa in a lecture on Monday January 17 2011.
Editor-in-chief of the Mail and Guardian Nic Dawes takes us
through some of Stilglitz's key points. Posted

Diesel Emissions

Findings on pollution damage to human airways could yield new
therapies: Researchers from Duke University Medical Center have
identified how nanoparticles from diesel exhaust damage lung
airway cells, a finding that could lead to new therapies for
people susceptible to airway disease. The scientists also
discovered that the severity of the injury depends on the genetic
make-up of the affected individual. Posted


Diesel price hike largest since April: A week after diesel prices
barely budged, the national average retail price of diesel jumped
7.4 cents to $3.407 a gallon during the week ended Monday, Jan.
17, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy
Information Administration. Posted

U.S. Xpress orders 1,000 SmartWay certified trucks: U.S. Xpress,
based in Chattanooga, Tenn., has ordered 1,000 new Peterbilt
587s, the truck maker announced. Peterbilt’s new Model 587s have
been certified as fuel-efficient by the Environmental Protection
Agency’s SmartWay program. Posted

Report Questions Role of Shale Gas as Bridge to Low Carbon
Future: Without a global carbon price, the expanding shale gas
boom would exacerbate climate change and take money away from
renewable energy projects, a new report said, calling for a
worldwide pause until countries take steps necessary to lower the
risks of the new wave of drilling. Posted

Shell tests new engine oil, diesel fuel formulas: A new
fuel-saving engine oil formula and a nitrogen-enriched diesel
blend are being tested by Shell, which said both products
arecaimed at global light- and heavy-vehicle markets,
respectively. Posted

Green Energy
California’s solar power increasingly Chinese made: The Obama
administration is reviewing a complaint from the United States
Steelworkers union that China has violated free trade rules
through its subsidization of renewable energy companies.
Meanwhile, one American photovoltaic module maker, Evergreen
Solar, is shutting down its Massachusetts factory and relocating
manufacturing operations to China, lured by incentives offered
the Chinese government. Posted

EPA, Calif. Defend Waiver for State's Tailpipe Standards: Though
the Obama administration has moved ahead with nationwide limits
on greenhouse gas emissions from cars and light trucks, the legal
fight over California's authority to set still-tougher standards
has continued in court. Posted

Misc (oddball items)

Giant snails monitor air pollution in Russia: A Russian
waterworks has recruited giant African snails to act as living
sensors to monitor air pollution from a sewage incinerator, the
company said Tuesday. Posted

Grad students create color-changing clothes that detect air
pollution: Pollution has never been so fashionable: A pair of NYU
grad students have created a high-tech sweatshirt emblazoned with
pink lungs that suddenly show blue veins when exposed to dirty
air.  Posted

Drug gangs and air pollution: It's reported that 20 to 25 percent
of the inspection stickers on cars in Travis County are
counterfeit. It's only around 7 percent in Dallas County. But as
Sheriff's Lt. Jerry Kitchens says, "A lot of cartels are getting
into this. It's big business." And it means that not only are the
cartels messing up people's lives with their drugs, their messing
up the air for the rest of us, because the cars and trucks that
can't pass inspection and remain on the road with fake stickers
account for up to half of the air-quality problems in North
Texas. Posted


10 Trends Driving Action on Climate Change in 2011: But despite
the glacial pace of leadership at the top, there are many reasons
why real global action on climate change is inevitable. Posted

You Can Believe Your Eyes: Low Visibility Can Mean Higher Death
Rates: A study released today by Hong Kong University and
published in the journal Environmental Research has found that
lower visibility due to pollution has a direct correlation with
increased rates of mortality in Hong Kong. Posted

Retail gasoline remains at record mid-January levels: Gasoline
pump prices continued their slow creep higher over the last week
while oil prices drifted lower in spite of higher demand in China
and other places overseas. Posted

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