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arbcombo -- Upcoming Diesel Truck Regulation Education Classes and Events

Posted: 21 Jan 2011 16:10:36
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is conducting upcoming
training classes and holding other events to educate truck
owners, operators, and heavy duty diesel vehicle and equipment
sellers about California regulations that affect them.  The
events include One-Stop Truck Events, Vehicle and Equipment
Seller trainings, and a number of training classes. 

The events and training classes will provide information about
statewide idling limits, Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program
(HDVIP), engine labeling, Truck and Bus Regulation, Drayage Truck
Regulation, Tractor and Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation,
Transport Refrigeration Unit Regulation, and associated funding

The topics for each event may vary.  For instance, certain
training classes will focus on the Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas
regulation compliance planning and reporting, while others will
provide information about the Truck and Bus regulation with a
focus on agricultural vehicle extension reporting.

The events and training classes are being held on various dates
and at different locations throughout California.  Specific
times,  locations, and information about each event's topic are
available at: http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/onrdiesel/training.htm


The Air Resources Board has a long history of adopting
regulations to reduce criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas
emissions.  In 1998, California identified diesel exhaust
particulate matter (PM) as a toxic air contaminant based on its
potential to cause cancer, premature death, and other health
problems. Diesel engines also contribute to California's fine
particulate matter (PM 2.5) air quality problems. Those most
vulnerable are children whose lungs are still developing and the
elderly who may have other serious health problems.   In
addition, in September 2007, the Board adopted a State
Implementation Plan in coordination with local air districts to
meet federal ambient air quality deadlines.  The (SIP) identifies
the reductions needed to attain national ambient air quality
standards for ozone and PM2.5.  The largest share of new emission
reductions in the 2007 SIP is expected from trucks. 

A number of regulations are now in effect that that require
diesel engine owners to take steps to reduce their engine
emissions.  All truck owners must maintain engines so that they
do not smoke excessively, must limit unnecessary idling, and meet
other state emission reduction requirements.   Nearly all trucks
and buses with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating
greater than 14,000 pounds and transport refrigeration units that
operate in California are required to have exhaust retrofits or
to upgrade to cleaner engines early.  The regulations are part of
the state’s plan to meet federal ambient air quality standards
and to protect public health.  

The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32)
established requirements to achieve reductions of greenhouse gas
(GHG) emissions. AB 32 requires the Air Resources Board (the
Board or ARB) and other state agencies to adopt regulations and
other requirements that would reduce statewide GHG emission
levels to the equivalent of 1990 levels by 2020.  The
Tractor-Trailer GHG rulemaking is one of 44 early action measures
identified by the Board.

For further information, please contact 8666diesel@arb.ca.gov or
call 866-6diesel.

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