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Posted: 24 Feb 2011 09:22:28
Greenhouse gas data reports are due by April 1, 2011, from
operators of general stationary combustion facilities (except oil
and gas, NAICS 21111), and operators of electricity generation
and cogeneration facilities that are not part of larger reporting
facilities or entities.  Reports are due for all other
facilities, and electricity retail providers and marketers, by
June 1, 2011.  The Reporting Tool and step-by-step reporting
guides are available at:

Reporters must also have their 2010 annual data verified by
either October 1 (for April 1 reporters) or December 1 (for June
1 reporters), except for facilities that are only subject to
triennial verification.  A list of accredited verification bodies
and additional information on the verification process can be
found at our verification website,

For more information, assistance, or questions, email
ghgreport@arb.ca.gov  or visit our website at: 

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