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obdprog -- OBD II and HD OBD Certification Revisions

Posted: 24 Feb 2011 11:02:23
Documents related to OBD II and HD OBD certification have been
updated. Attachments and electronic templates related to ARB
Mail-Out #MSC 06-23 “Guidelines for On-Board Diagnostic (OBD II)
Certification Data” and ARB Mail-Out #MSC 09-22, “Guidelines for
Heavy-Duty On-Board Diagnostic (HD OBD) Certification Data,” have
been revised and updated.  Engine and vehicle manufacturers are
required to use these updated documents when certifying their OBD
II and HD OBD systems.  Summaries of the changes made to these
documents have also been made available.  Staff posted the
summaries and the revised documents on the following website:


Additionally, “clean” (with no strikeouts or underlines) pdf
versions of the OBD II regulations (sections 1968.2 and 1968.5 of
title 13, CCR) and HD OBD regulations (sections 1971.1 and 1971.5
of title 13, CCR) have been made available.  These regulations
can be found on their respective OBD II and HD OBD regulation


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