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newsclips -- Newsclips for March 3, 2011.

Posted: 03 Mar 2011 13:01:04
California Air Resources Board News Clips for March 3, 2011.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Obama Administration Defends Clean Air Act. Washington - The
Obama administration lashed back Wednesday at GOP efforts to curb
federal air pollution regulations, arguing that clear skies laws
save lives and help the nation's struggling economy. Touting new
estimates of the fiscal and public health benefits of the Clean
Air Act, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa
Jackson vowed to press forward with new regulations being sought
in accordance with the landmark bill. Posted.

Marin Again Leads Bay Area In Smoke Complaints. Marin once again
led Bay Area counties in the number of complaints about wood
smoke on Spare the Air winter days, according to data released
Wednesday by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. This
was the third year the district cracked down on people who burn
wood on days when weather conditions make it likely smoke will
hang in the air and cause particulate pollution, making it hard
for some people to breathe. Posted.


California Cap-and-Trade Faces Potential Hurdle. San
Francisco—California's cap-and-trade program is being threatened
by groups of local residents, even after the ambitious climate
plan survived an electoral challenge in November. Communities For
A Better Environment, California Communities Against Toxics,
Society For Positive Action and other groups and individuals have
sued state regulators, claiming the climate plan won't reduce
pollution. The plaintiffs argue that industrial facilities should
cut their actual emissions, rather than trade rights to pollute.

U.N.: Work On Climate Pacts To Start Next Month. Tokyo - Work on
implementing recent climate agreements, including a new green
fund, will start next month despite wrangling over the future of
the Kyoto Protocol, a top U.N. official said on Thursday.
Christiana Figueres, head of the U.N. climate change secretariat,
said the Green Climate Fund as well as the work agenda for this
year's U.N. climate talks will be discussed at a ministerial
meeting hosted by Mexico in March. Posted.

EPA Carbon Rules Would Be Blocked Under U.S. Bill Readied by
Republicans. Legislation that would bar the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases will be
introduced as early as today by Republicans in Congress with the
support of some Democrats. Matching bills by House Energy and
Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan and Senator
James Inhofe of Oklahoma, both Republicans, would bar the EPA
from mandating emission limits from factories and power plants,
while allowing a previous agreement the Obama administration
reached with automakers to cut vehicle tailpipe emissions.

3 Dems Join GOP Fight To Block EPA Climate Rules. Washington --
Three Democrats are joining a Republican effort in the House to
block the Environmental Protection Agency from reducing the gases
blamed for global warming. 
Rep. Nick Rahall of West Virginia, Rep. Collin Peterson of
Minnesota, and Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma will sponsor a bill
drafted by Republicans that bars the EPA from using federal law
to control greenhouse gases from power plants, refineries and
other industrial facilities. Posted.



REGION: Worry Over Jet Contrails' Environmental Consequences. 
Wispy white jet contrails are a familiar sight, a sign of today's
considerable air traffic and, to some people, a visible reminder
of the environmental threat that comes with it.  Posted. 

Survey Reveals Fluctuating Carbon Market Confidence. Confidence
in the global carbon market remains decidedly mixed, with
continued optimism about the future of the EU emissions trading
scheme (ETS) undermined by concerns about the global offsetting
market and skepticism that the US will deliver a national carbon
market. That is the conclusion of the annual carbon market survey
undertaken by analyst Thomson Reuters Point Carbon, which
yesterday confirmed that despite recent cyber attacks, confidence
in the flagship EU ETS remains relatively high. Posted.


New Law Requires CARB To Spell Out Fines For Truck, Other
Citations. The California Air Resources Board increased air
quality violation citations from 1,535 in 2002 to more than 4,000
and $16 million in fines in 2009 – the last full year of data
posted by CARB. The state air quality agency’s enforcement
activities have drawn the attention of many in the state, leading
CARB to recently publish a plan detailing how it will comply with
a new law that requires “all relevant circumstances” to be taken
into consideration when CARB issues fines. Posted.


Santander Says Clean Energy Mergers May Exceed $55 Billion on New
Markets.  The pace of clean energy industry mergers may
accelerate this year as smaller operators seek buyers that can
fund work in developing markets such as Brazil, said Banco
Santander SA (SAN), last year’s top takeover adviser.  Posted. 

Chinese Solar Producers Bid For African Business.  Johannesburg
(AP) - In a show of commercial muscle that highlights China's
growing investment in Africa, Chinese solar power producers
dominated exhibits Thursday at an energy conference on a
continent where nearly two-thirds of the population lives off the
electric grid.  Posted. 

City Pushing For Green Home Ordinance.  Stockton - City officials
hope to improve the energy efficiency of 8,500 homes - nearly 10
percent of Stockton's housing stock - over the next three years,
under a draft ordinance set to go before the City Council this
month.  Posted. 

Elias: Is California Getting The Wrong Kind Of Solar?  Wrong kind
of solar for state?  Ex-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made his way
to a remote desert location last October, not far from the
Interstate 15 freeway that runs between Southern California and
Las Vegas. So did U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and bunches
of utility executives.  Posted. 


Supercars and Special Editions Send Mixed Message.  Geneva — The
81st Geneva Motor Show, which is billed as a window into the
future of a more environmentally responsible and sustainable auto
industry, is sending something of a mixed message to the
consumer.  Is a greener future just around the corner for the
automobile? Or is it last call — and while you’re pouring, let’s
make it a double — at the horsepower party?  Posted. 


Opinion: New Year, New Problems In California. The New Year is
signaling new economic troubles for Californians, from a source
many may not have expected. After the failure of Proposition 23
last November, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly
Bill 32) is scheduled to take effect this year. Its
implementation is sure to make matters worse for a state economy
already brought to its knees by overzealous government.  
Championed as a “green jobs” creator, AB 32 requires a 30-percent
cut in carbon emissions by 2020. Posted.

SUVs Leased While D.C. Solar-Panel Users Are Left In The Lurch. 
The District government's decision to kill a program to help
residents like me install solar-energy systems and shift the
money to cover a tiny portion of its budget debt is deplorable
["In the red, D.C. backs out on aid for green energy," Metro,
Feb. 28].  Posted. 


EPA: Proposed House Budget Cuts Would Harm Public Health.
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson
told a Senate committee Wednesday that a proposal to cut a third
of the agency's budget would gut a plan to reduce carbon
pollution under the Clean Air Act and undermine efforts to limit
water pollution in areas such as the Chesapeake Bay watershed. 

Harmonizing” California’s Trecs With AB 32 Cap-And-Trade. Now
that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has lifted
its moratorium on the use of renewable energy credits (RECs or
TRECs) by investor owned electric utilities (IOUs) for compliance
with the State’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), observers
may ask themselves this logical question:  what is the future of
RECs under Assembly Bill 32? Posted.

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