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tru -- CARB's TRU (reefer) Rule Amendments Effective March 7, 2011

Posted: 08 Mar 2011 08:30:12
March 7, 2011, California’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL)
approved the "TRU” rulemaking, that was adopted by the California
Air Resources Board on November 18, 2010. 

This rulemaking was filed with the Secretary of State and due to
the request for an early effective date, the regulatory action
became effective March 7, 2011.  Enforcement of the in-use
performance standards for model year 2003 TRU engines begins
March 31, 2011.

For more information please go to:  

In 2004, the Air Resources Board (ARB) adopted an Airborne Toxic
Control Measure (ATCM) for transport refrigeration units (TRU).
In March 2005, ARB requested the U. S. Environmental Protection
Agency (USEPA) to grant authorization to ARB to adopt and enforce
the TRU ATCM pursuant to the Clean Air Act. USEPA granted
California authorization on January 16, 2009. ARB amended section
2477 of title13 of the California Code of Regulations to (1)
allow the owners of model year 2003 TRU in the 25 hp and greater
category and model year 2003 TRU and 2004 TRU in the less than 25
hp category to use the low-emission TRU in-use standard
(enforcement begins March 31, 2011), (2) clarify that the
operational life of flexibility engines installed before the
effective date of these amendments is seven years from the year
of engine manufacture, and (3) add new reporting requirements for
TRU original equipment manufacturers.

OAL approved this regulatory action pursuant to section 11349.3
of the Government Code.

More detailed information about the 2010 Amendments is provided
in TRU Advisory 10 20, which is posted on the TRU Website at: 

Instructions for registering TRUs and TRU gen sets in ARBER are
provided at the TRU Website (see web address above) and at the
ARBER help pages at: 

Questions related to registration in the ARB’s Equipment
Registration (ARBER) system can be emailed to arber@arb.ca.gov or
called in to the TRU Help Line at: 1-888-878-2826 (or call
916-445-5516 or 916-323-0440).

Questions related to the TRU ATCM or the 2010 amendments may be
emailed to tru@arb.ca.gov or called in to the TRU Help Line at:
1-888-878-2826 (or call 916-445-5516 or 916-323-0440).

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