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arch-ctgs -- Annual architectural coatings reporting to ARB

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 11:46:36
After consultation with the local air districts, ARB staff have
decided to no longer require submission of the annual
architectural coating reporting established by local districts
adopting the ARBís 2000 architectural coatings Suggested Control
Measure (SCM). The annual reporting is described here: 

The reasons for this decision include: 1) Many districts have
adopted, or are planning to adopt, the 2007 architectural
coatings SCM, which no longer contains these reporting
requirements; 2) the last seven years of data have shown (except
for the initial, anticipated reclassification of two categories
after the 2000 SCM provisions were adopted into district rules)
that the sales volumes of the two reported chemicals and six
reported categories have stayed relatively constant or dropped
over the years, indicating that the use of the chemicals is not
increasing and that the six high VOC categories have not been
used to circumvent other low VOC categories; and 3) eliminating
these reporting requirements would reduce requirements on the
regulated community that are no longer necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Nyarady at
jnyarady@arb.ca.gov or at 916-322-8273.

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