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arbcombo -- Incentive Programs Advisory Group Public Meeting on April 7, 2011, 11:00 AM-2:30 PM

Posted: 29 Mar 2011 08:40:35
The California Air Resources Board (ARB or the Board) invites you
to participate in a public meeting of the Incentive Programs
Advisory Group.  Date:		April 7, 2011
Time:		11:00 am to 2:30 pm
Place:		Air Resources Board
                Annex 4 Auditorium
                9528 Telstar Avenue
                El Monte, California 91731

Directions: http://www.arb.ca.gov/maps/elmomaps.htm

The notice for the public meeting and agenda is available at: 

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Zaremba-Schmidt
at (626) 459 4394 or by email at lzaremba@arb.ca.gov.

Background:  The Advisory Group provides a forum for discussing
policy level issues relating to the implementation of
California’s air quality incentive programs, including the Carl
Moyer Program, Proposition 1B: Goods Movement Emission Reduction
Program, Lower-Emission School Bus Program, AB 118 programs, and
other locally run air district programs.  

To preserve the roundtable discussions at the meeting, the
meeting is not webcast.  If you are interested in a listen-only
teleconference option or have any questions please e-mail Ms.
Laura Zaremba-Schmidt at lzaremba@arb.ca.gov or call at (626)
459-4394 to reserve a line.

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