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arbcombo -- South Coast Air Quality Management Districtís Smog Check Technology Forum and Roundtable

Posted: 16 Mar 2007 14:44:48
South Coast Air Quality Management Districtís Smog Check
Technology Forum and Roundtable Discussion

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 -- 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
South Coast Air Quality Management District
Headquarters Auditorium
21865 Copley Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765


Californiaís Smog Check Program has been, and continues to be,
the cornerstone of a regional air districtís control strategy
for purposes of demonstrating the regionís ability to attain
healthful ambient air quality standards. For the South Coast Air
Quality Management District (AQMD), which experiences the highest
ozone and fine particulate matter concentrations in the country,
and where more than 11 million cars are registered and driven in
the region, emissions from automobiles and other vehicles
dominate the overall emissions inventory.  Recent studies have
shown that in-use emissions from vehicles are critical to a
regionís ability to achieve healthful ambient air quality
standards, in-use testing program has drawn very focused
attention.  It has long been suspected that many vehicles are
not in compliance with Californiaís Smog Check Program
requirements which results in a small fraction of vehicles
contributing a majority of the pollution for that particular
vehicle category.

Technology Forum Description
AQMD is pleased to host this one-day technology forum and
roundtable discussion on current and upcoming technologies which
could be applied to improve Californiaís Smog Check Program and
to examine opportunities for additional emission reductions. The
morning sessions will consist of formal presentations by a panel
of experts on the smog check program.  Topics will include
program implementation, emissions estimates, repair issues,
remote sensing, on-board diagnostics and measurement of
particulate emissions. In the afternoon, there will be a
roundtable discussion among the panelists to facilitate exchange
of views and suggestions.  The roundtable will be moderated by
Dr. Judith Lamare, Acting Chair of the California Inspection and
Maintenance Review Committee.  Members of the public will also be
able to ask questions of the Technology Forum/Roundtable
participants. A technical summary of the panel discussion will
be prepared and made available on the AQMD website. 

The AQMD encourages anyone interested in this topic to attend
this forum free of charge. This forum will also be webcast live,
and copies of the agenda, presentations, and the webcast will be
posted on the AQMDís Technology Forum/Roundtable website at

If you have any questions about this forum, contact Mr. Dean
Saito, Manager Mobile Source Strategies, (909) 396-2647. 


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