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porttruck -- Draft Regulation and Presentation now available

Posted: 06 Jul 2007 15:38:52
Re:  The draft regulation to control emissions from in-use
on-road diesel-fueled heavy-duty drayage trucks.

The drayage truck draft regulation is now available at the
following link: 

Additionally, we invite you to participate in public workshops
to discuss the draft regulation. These workshops will be held

1)  Cal EPA building in Sacramento on July 9, and
2)  Port of Los Angeles in Los Angeles on July 10, and
3)  Port of San Diego in San Diego July 11, and 
4)  West Oakland Senior Center in Oakland on July 13.

The workshop staff presentation is now available at the
following link: 

Note:  The same material (draft regulation language,
presentation etc.) will be presented at each of the workshops.

For more information on the workshops, including times and
locations, please visit our website at:


Thank You

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