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newsclips -- Newsclips for April 13, 2011

Posted: 13 Apr 2011 11:46:57
California Air Resources Board News Clips for April 13, 2011.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


EPA Budget Deal Slams State, Regional Programs.  The spending
deal brokered last week by President Obama and Congress to avert
a government shutdown would balance most its $1.6 billion in cuts
to U.S. EPA's budget on the backs of state regulators and local
environmental projects, according to details of the bill that
were released by appropriators early this morning.  Posted. 

EPA Budget Cut to Limit Clean Air Enforcement, Activists Say. 
April 12 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
efforts to protect public health by enforcing clean air and water
rules will be undermined by a planned 16 percent budget
reduction, environmental groups said.  Posted. 


California-Canadian carbon market to start small.  (Reuters) - A
regional carbon market between California and some Canadian
provinces will start off next year smaller than expected due to a
delay by industrial powerhouse Ontario and a possible slowdown in
a second province, British Columbia.  Posted. 


California is expanding its carbon-trading program to three
Canadian provinces.  California officials announced Tuesday that
the state will expand its newly adopted carbon-trading program to
three Canadian provinces, creating the largest regional
cap-and-trade system in North America.  Posted. 

EU proposals could raise taxes on diesel, coal to account for CO2
emissions, energy production.  BRUSSELS — BRUSSELS (AP) - The
European Union has proposed a radical overhaul of how energy in
the 27-country bloc is being taxed that could lead to higher
levies on diesel and coal.  Posted. 



MARKETS: Calif. claims British Columbia, Quebec as 2012 trading
partners; British Columbia not so sure.  California tried to pull
in two Canadian provinces as active trading partners in its
nascent greenhouse gas market yesterday -- but only one decided
to come along.  Posted. 

B.C., Ontario hinder California green plan.  British Columbia and
Ontario have thrown a wrench into a plan spearheaded by
California to launch a cross-border greenhouse-gas emissions
reduction scheme next January.  Posted. 

Cargill to Work With EOS Climate to Curb Emissions from Aging
Refrigerators and Air Conditioners.  MINNEAPOLIS, April 13, 2011
-- /PRNewswire/ -- Cargill will be a financial and exclusive
marketing partner for the tradable emission credits generated by
San Francisco-based EOS Climate, a company which uses
market-based incentives to prevent emissions of harmful
greenhouse gases (GHGs) associated with older refrigerators and
cooling systems.    Posted. 


Getting Rid of Gas.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the players
without a scorecard — a phrase that’s just as true in the
automotive world as it is in sports.  Drivers are already tooling
around in vehicles propelled by electricity, fuel blends, clean
diesel and biodiesel, plus hybrid engines that combine various
power sources. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles loom just over the
horizon.  Posted. 


Gov. Brown signs law requiring 33% of energy be renewable by
2020.  Reporting from Milpitas, Calif.— Gov. Jerry Brown on
Tuesday signed into law a requirement that California get 33% of
its electricity from renewable sources, such as wind and solar
energy, by the year 2020.  Posted. 

Calif. sets nation's highest renewable power goals.  Gov. Jerry
Brown signed far-reaching energy legislation Tuesday that will
require California utilities to obtain up to a third of their
electricity from wind, solar and other green sources.  Posted. 



Where the H is my Fuel-Cell Car?  If the many upsides of hydrogen
fuel-cell vehicles were more widely known, the nation’s
conspiracy buffs would be busy indeed.  “Wait a second,” they
might say. “You’re telling me that this car requires no foreign
oil, goes almost 250 miles on a single refueling, can be refueled
as quickly as internal-combustion-engine vehicles, boasts
excellent responsiveness and great torque, can carry heavy loads,
operates efficiently in any temperature — and water vapor is its
only emission? Why aren’t we all driving one?”  Posted. 

Fuel-saving Tips.  If you’re not ready to buy a more
fuel-efficient car, you can still save money in a number of ways
in whatever vehicle you drive. Cars.com provides the tips and
dispels the myths.  Posted. 


Lawn mower program begins.  The San Joaquin Valley’s popular
cheap lawn mower program resumed Monday, giving residents the
chance to give up their gas-powered mowers in exchange for new
electric ones.  Posted. 

Air district offers electric mowers.  The valley air district's
popular electric lawn mower trade-in program is back with new
funding and a simplified voucher request process.  Beginning this
week, valley residents can replace their polluting, gas-powered
mower with a clean, electric Neuton mower for $50 for a 14-inch
blade model or $100 for the 19-inch mower, shipping included, the
San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District said in a
release.  Posted. 


What early-blooming plants tell us about global warming.  The
April 9 front-page article “Earlier blooms give flower lovers a
chill” nicely summarized the worldwide evidence for season creep,
the increasing length of the growing season.   Posted. 

Was it an academic mission or UCLA speech code?  If you think
that academia is not the exclusive playground of the academic
left, consider the fate of UCLA epidemiologist James Enstrom.  In
2008, Enstrom thought that a report on the health effects of
diesel emissions presented by the California Air Resources Board
was faulty.  Posted. 



If Flying Isn’t Green, Can the Airport Wait Be?  In Tuesday’s
Times, I wrote about San Francisco International Airport’s
renovated Terminal 2 and efforts to make flying a less
carbon-intensive and stressful experience.  The art-filled
terminal, known as T2, features Danish modern furniture, organic
chow, 350 power outlets, free Wi-Fi and other creature comforts
and innovations designed to cut the building’s energy footprint
while making air travel, dare we say it, more fun.  Posted. 

Energy Options and Polarized Politics.  The Bipartisan Policy
Center, as its name implies, tries to define a path on issues
like energy that can work in a period of polarized politics and
shrinking budgets. It’s a tough challenge. That’s why the new
center’s latest effort, “An Open Letter to the American People
and America’s Leaders: A New Era for U.S. Energy Security,”
focuses arguments for action on oil mainly on the basis of
economic and geopolitical conflict, with the environment and
climate in the background.  Posted. 

GM develops prototype two-mode hybrid transmission with enhanced
EV capability for plug-in hybrids.  GM has developed a prototype
of its two-mode front-wheel drive (FWD) hybrid transmission
(earlier post) with enhanced electric vehicle capability (2MH4EV)
for application in a plug-in hybrid; GM presented a paper
detailing the work at the SAE 2011 World Congress in Detroit. 

The budget deal slows innovation and slashes rail, green jobs,
and cleanup programs.  The Republican slash-and-burn budget
accepted by President Obama to avoid a government shutdown will
put our fragile economic recovery in jeopardy. Moreover, the cuts
are ideologically motivated, preserving massive subsidies for
fossil fuel polluters while knocking out support for a cleaner,
more innovative economic future.  Posted. 

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