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newsclips -- Newsclips for April 15, 2011

Posted: 15 Apr 2011 10:31:28
California Air Resources Board News Clips for April 15, 2011. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


TVA Agrees to Shut Down 18 Coal-Fired Boilers and Curb Emissions.
 One of the nation's largest coal-burning utilities said
yesterday it will shutter 18 of its coal-fired boilers and pay
billions to rein in pollutants at many of its remaining units,
underscoring the evolving energy landscape in the United States. 


TVA agrees to pay $10 million penalty and phase out 300 to 400
coal jobs in clean air deal.  CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — The Tennessee
Valley Authority over the next five years will shutter operations
that account for about 16 percent if its coal-fired capacity to
settle lawsuits from several states over air quality, its board
said Thursday.  Posted. 

EPA settles with TVA over pollution from coal plants.  WASHINGTON
-- The Environmental Protection Agency announced a sweeping
settlement Thursday with the Tennessee Valley Authority over
pollution from 11 coal-fired power plants in at least three
states.  Posted. 


TVA paring coal operations, paying $10M in deal.  CHATTANOOGA,
Tenn. (AP) - The Tennessee Valley Authority over the next five
years will shutter operations that account for about 16 percent
if its coal-fired capacity to settle lawsuits from several states
over air quality, its board said Thursday.  Posted.  




House Republicans attack life-saving mercury and air toxics
standards.  Long a rumored dirty secret, Rep. Ed Whitfield
(R-Ky.) confirmed today that House Republicans plan to introduce
legislation to delay mercury and air toxics standards that will
save up to 26,000 lives every year.  Posted. 


Climate Change Heads to the Supreme Court.  Next Tuesday, the
Supreme Court hears American Electric Power v. Connecticut, a
case that asks whether America's climate change policy can be
designed and managed by the federal courts. The answer should be
a resounding no.  Posted. 

CARBON CAPTURE: No cap and trade leaves CCS project with a
finance hole.  The United States's first commercial-scale carbon
capture and storage (CCS) project is lacking necessary financing,
a need that could have been met by pricing and trading carbon in
a cap-and-trade system.  Posted. 

FORESTS: Climate change degrades potential of forests and other
land-based systems to store carbon – study.  America's forests,
grasslands and other terrestrial ecosystems can absorb up to 40
percent of the country's carbon emissions from fossil fuels,
states a five-year study.  Posted. 


4 Clean-Energy Alternatives To Uranium.  The recent accident at
the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan has caused many observers to
question the use of uranium as a fuel to create nuclear energy,
and perhaps cast doubts on clean energy alternatives in general. 

EPFL team discovers molybdenum-based catalysts enable more
cost-effective hydrogen production from water.  A team led by
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Professor Xile Hu
has discovered that a molybdenum-based catalyst allows the
electrolytic production of hydrogen at room temperature, and is
inexpensive and efficient. The results provide new opportunities
for the development of renewable and economic hydrogen production
technologies. A paper on the work appears in the RSC journal
Chemical Science.  Posted. 


Huge old home of US envoy to Belgium goes green.  Enormous
18th-century houses aren't known as the most energy-efficient
buildings in the world. But now the 230-year-old residence of the
U.S. ambassador to Belgium has gone green, thanks in large
measure to donations from private companies.  Posted. 

Alternative energy runs into headwind.  For the renewable energy
sector, it’s a wonder either wind or solar power is still
standing.  Austere budgets and small government have become
Capitol Hill credos, and clean energy technology champions are
scrambling to secure the tax breaks and loan guarantees they’ve
depended on over the past decade to drive investments.  Posted. 

DOE announces EcoCAR 2; focus on electric drive technology.  At
the SAE 2011 World Congress in Detroit, Michigan, US Department
of Energy’s (DOE) Assistant Secretary for Policy and
International Affairs, David Sandalow, announced the official
launch of the EcoCAR 2: Plugging into the Future competition and
the sixteen university teams selected to participate.  Posted. 

New York’s Capital District Launches Hybrid Bus Line With
Sustainably Built Shelters.  Public transportation is going green
in Albany. The Capital District Transportation Authority has
launched BusPlus, a new, limited stop bus line featuring hybrid
buses and eco-friendly bus shelters, made with up to 85 percent
recycled material and equipped with LED lights. Designed by
Duo-Gard, the structures have a sleek appearance while still
being sturdy enough to hand harsh Upstate New York winters. 

Smart Windows Automatically Adjust to Outdoor Temperature to Save
Energy.  Production is beginning for a new window coating that
automatically adjusts to control solar gain through windows.
Raven Windows, made by Denver-based RavenBrick, are made with a
special nanomaterial coating which makes the windows responsive
to outdoor temperature. The Raven Windows act as "an intelligent
window filter that automatically blocks solar heat when the
outside temperature is too hot, while delivering solar heat
inside when the outside temperature is cold."  Posted. 


Beijing employs creative tactics to spur electric vehicle
purchases.  Under the approved “125 Project”, electric car buyers
will be exempt from tax, and the car plate lottery, whereby
drivers of ICEs or hybrids have to apply via lottery system for a
license plate.  Posted. 


Is Natural Gas the Solution to Our Energy Problem?  Re “Pass the
Boone Pickens Bill,” by Joe Nocera (column, April 12): Before
jumping on the natural gas bandwagon, Mr. Nocera might have
consulted his colleagues. On the same day, there was an article
in the business section about natural gas called “Poking Holes in
a Green Image.”  Mr. Nocera breezily claims that natural gas is
cleaner than oil. Cleaner when burned, yes, but that’s just part
of the story.  Posted. 

Protecting our air and public health.  Californians, like all
Americans, love breathing clean, healthy air. We relish that
picture perfect moment: a clear view of the mountains or ocean,
kids playing soccer or baseball, enjoying a picnic in the park on
a warm day, or just a brisk walk with the dog.  Posted. 

The best remedy for the price of gas.  There is no magic wand
that will bring down the price of gasoline, which has once again
crossed the $4 mark in California. But there is a long-term
solution that will inoculate us from higher costs in the future. 

Think about how your behavior harms environment.  Trash doesn't
disappear. It is packaged and tucked away into unpopulated
corners. Some trash is invisible but smells poorly and diffuses
quietly through the atmosphere. Waste is present everywhere. 

EDITORIAL: Embrace reality: Repeal valley's EPA ozone fine. 
We've got to work together, here in the most polluted region in
America, to make our air more breathable. We've got to make
sacrifices, accept restrictions and change long-entrenched
habits.  But the people of the San Joaquin Valley shouldn't be
asked to do the impossible.  Posted. 


Indonesia's Deforestation Halt, Halted.  If you included
emissions from deforestation into national greenhouse gas
emissions (which isn't always done, but probably should...)
Indonesia is the world's third-highest emitter--India is if you
don't take into account deforestation emissions. It has made
public pledges to rein in its rampant deforestation, but as is
often the case there's a rather large difference between
political rhetoric and action.  Posted. 

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