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newsclips -- Newsclips for April 18, 2011.

Posted: 18 Apr 2011 12:00:03
California Air Resources Board News Clips for April 18, 2011.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


States Seek Greenhouse-Gas Curbs. A battle over whether states
can use nuisance laws to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from power
plants will come to the Supreme Court Tuesday in a case that puts
a twist on the debate over climate policy. The case pits a
coalition of states against five of the nation's biggest power
companies and the Obama administration, which has said it intends
to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from big utilities but objects
to the way the states want to do it. Posted.

In Climate Change Case, Obama Administration Sides With Power
Companies, Not Environmentalists.  Washington -- The Obama
administration and environmental interests generally agree that
global warming is a threat that must be dealt with.  But they're
on opposite sides of a Supreme Court case over the ability of
states and groups such as the Audubon Society that want to sue
large electric utilities and force power plants in 20 states to
cut their emissions.  Posted.  




Budget Fight Hurts U.S. Climate Effort.  Austin, Texas — The
recent budget wrangling in Washington will take a toll on the
administration’s efforts to combat climate change.  The budget of
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was cut $1.6 billion —
16 percent — for the rest of this fiscal year, under the bill
that President Barack Obama signed Friday.  Posted. 

Carbon Traders Predict On-Time Launch Of New GHG Market. Los
Angeles -- Carbon traders are cautiously optimistic that
California's nascent greenhouse gas market will be well-designed
and start on schedule. California's greenhouse gas trading
program, set to start next January, would be the biggest in North
America to date, covering 600 facilities and 166 million metric
tons of carbon dioxide at the outset of trading. Some advance
trades have taken place, but a robust secondary market has yet to
form. Traders at a carbon markets conference here said they are
not discouraged by California's rocky road to implementation of
its climate law. Posted.

Young Climate Activists Push Obama, Vow To Create More Local
Awareness. About 10,000 young climate change activists gathered
this weekend in Washington, D.C., for what they billed as the
largest grass-roots training event in the nation's history. The
third-ever Power Shift, which began Friday at the Walter E.
Washington Convention Center and ends today, drew speeches from
former Vice President Al Gore, former green jobs czar Van Jones
and U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. But the event's main
goal was to teach young environmentalists how to organize in
their communities. Posted.


Electric Car Maker Coda Automotive To Open Showroom In Mall. Coda
Automotive will begin selling its $44,900 electric compact sedan
at the Westfield Century City mall in July. Kate Spade, Tiffany &
Co. and Louis Vuitton — tony retailers at the Westfield Century
City mall — are getting a new neighbor, but it won't be another
fancy brand. In an unusual move for an automaker, electric car
company Coda Automotive Inc. will open its first showroom at the
shopping center in July. Posted.


Is Your Building Green? We’ll All Know Soon.  The District
imposed some of the nation’s toughest standards for green
construction in 2006, many of them to take effect in 2012.  But
developers didn’t need a deadline to get started.  Many are
incorporating energy-saving designs into their projects, hoping
to appeal to the federal government as it pushes new standards
and holds out the promise of millions of square feet of leases. 

EV Battery Forum: EVs in India from USD 400.  Electric
Two-Wheelers were introduced in India around four years ago.
Today the market size is approximately 150,000 units per year,
driven by 5 major and more than 50 minor players, with Hero
Electric being the market leader.  Posted. 


A Victory for Cleaner Air, and the Law.  The new settlement
between the Environmental Protection Agency, other plaintiffs and
the Tennessee Valley Authority resolving clean air violations at
11 T.V.A. coal-fired power plants is long overdue.  Posted. 


Cornell Gas Study Stirs Heated Debate.  More researchers and
policy analysts have had a chance to digest a new study analyzing
the climate impacts of unconventional natural gas development,
published this week in the journal Climatic Change Letters. 

Clouds Part for U.S. Solar Industry.  A potentially dim week for
the American solar power industry ended on a bright note instead.
 Solar advocates mounted a last-minute push Monday to prevent
sweeping cuts to a federal loan guarantee program for clean
energy development in a Republican budget plan.  Posted. 

Scientists Find First Evidence That Weather Affects Movement of
Tectonic Plates.  What’s the News: Geologists have known for
years that tectonic plates affect climate patterns. Now they say
that the opposite is also true, finding that intensifying climate
events can move tectonic plates.  Posted. 

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