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newsclips -- Newsclips for April 21, 2011

Posted: 21 Apr 2011 12:10:36
California Air Resources Board News Clips for April 21, 2011.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Heating oil phase-out part of NYC clean-air plan.  NEW YORK --
Mayor Michael Bloomberg says New York City is moving to phase out
the use of polluting heavy oils to heat buildings.  Bloomberg
announced the initiative Thursday as part of the first update to
the city's 4-year-old environmental plan.  The phase-out of heavy
heating oils would start right away.  Posted. 



Shipping companies fined for violating ARB fuel rule.  The
California Air Resources Board (ARB) has fined three Europe-based
shipping ... with a maximum 1.50% sulphur, or marine diesel oil
(MDO), with a maximum …  Posted.  BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY. 

Doctors Group Opposes Liberty Quarry Near Temecula. An
environmental study of the proposed Liberty Quarry is flawed and
pollution from the open-pit mine would threaten public health, a
group of doctors said Wednesday. Physicians Against the Quarry's
news conference came less than a week before the first of at
least two public hearings on the project, sought for a 414-acre
site in the Temecula foothills bordering the San Diego County
line. Posted. 


Justices Skeptical in Emissions Case.  WASHINGTON—A six-state
lawsuit seeking to cap greenhouse gas emissions from power plants
nationwide seemed likely to fail Tuesday, after Supreme Court
justices suggested that recent federal action to slow climate
change left no room for separate litigation.  Posted. 

Supreme Court indicates it will dismiss 6-state global warming
lawsuit.  Reporting from Washington — In a setback for
environmentalists, the Supreme Court signaled Tuesday that it
would throw out a huge global warming lawsuit brought by
California and five other states that seeks limits on carbon
pollution from coal-fired power plants in the South and Midwest. 


Economic recession cut greenhouse gas output by 7.2 percent.  The
financial crash of 2008 led to an abysmal drop in industrial
production, resulting in a record 7.2 percent cut in greenhouse
gas emissions, E.U. data reveal.  "The strength of the 2009
recession affected all economic sectors in the EU," the
Denmark-based European Environment Agency said in a report.
"Consumption of fossil fuels fell compared to the previous year,
mainly for coal."  Posted. 


Opportunities for California seen in China's green-tech
industries.  China's leadership in the green technology sector
represents "a wake-up call" for California companies but it also
provides opportunities, a top state official said Wednesday.  In
just a few years, China went from being "barely on the map" to
the largest manufacturer of solar panels and the largest energy
consumer in the world, said Margret Kim, a deputy director at the
California Environmental Protection Agency and head of the
agency's China program.  Posted. 



Environmental literacy talk, electric car charging stations at
BWI among Earth Week events.  WASHINGTON — Earth Day is this
Friday and environmental activities are being held across the
region this week to raise environmental awareness.  In
Washington, the U.S. Department of Education will be talking
about environmental literacy.  Posted. 

With B-Class F-Cell, Mercedes rolls out an impressive
steppingstone.  The only Mercedes hatchback on the U.S. market,
the 2011 B-Class F-Cell, wouldn't be recognizable as a Benz if it
weren't for its premium badge.  
Its small, pragmatic silhouette is more Japanese than German. But
the B-Class F-Cell is more notable for what's under the hood than
its profile.  Posted. 


Greenpeace pushes Apple, Facebook, Twitter for clean-energy data
centers.  Data centers -- facilities that house massive computer
servers -- gobble up enormous and rapidly growing amounts of
electricity.  Tech companies in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are
taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of their data
centers by boosting energy efficiency.  Posted. 


What went wrong for cap-and-trade?  Climate hawks are trying to
pinpoint where they went wrong in their campaign to combat global
warming. Brad Plumer rather sensibly suggests that they’re
overlooking the possibility that the problem wasn’t tactical
deficiencies on the part of the green movement, but rather the
result of things just not working out on the issue.  Posted. 

To Shrink Carbon Footprints, One Size Doesn't Fit All.  While
turning down your thermostat, taking public transportation, and
buying locally grown food could all reduce your household's
carbon emissions, just how effective each of those individual
strategies is depends on who you are and where you live,
according to researchers at UC Berkeley.  Posted. 

New laser system for fuel ignition may lead to reduced auto
emissions, greater fuel efficiency.  Lasers have been discussed
as a promising alternative ignition source for efficient internal
combustion engines since the mid 1970s. Laser ignition promises
less pollution and greater fuel efficiency, but making small,
powerful lasers has proven difficult.  Posted. 

Clean-Technology Trends 2011: Shaping Clean Energy Markets for
the Next Decade. According to Clean Energy Trends 2011, a new
report by Clean Edge, the growth of clean technology over the
last decade rivals that of the internet and computers, and it is
poised to continue the trend.  Clean Edge’s research revealed
biofuels, wind power, and solar photovoltaics combined to create
a $188.1 billion industry in 2010 – and the clean-tech sector
research firm projects these three technologies will grow to
$349.2 billion in the next decade. Posted. 

Will Richard Daley, Chicago’s outgoing ‘green’ mayor, help quash
coal pollution?  A long-stalled Chicago ordinance that could
force the city's two aging coal-burning power plants to greatly
reduce emissions or shut down now has enough backing to pass at
the city council's next meeting. But proponents aren't declaring
victory yet.  Posted. 

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