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ordiesel -- Funding for exhaust retrofit devices available

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 08:32:16
Operators of off-road equipment in the Southern California air
district may be eligible for funding for exhaust retrofit
devices. If you operate off-road equipment in the Southern
California air district, you may be eligible for funding for
exhaust retrofit devices, which will also help you avoid future
costs to comply with the off-road regulation. 

The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee
(MSRC), in conjunction with South Coast Air Quality Management
District (SCAQMD) and with the support of Air Resources Board, is
offering funding for off-road retrofits under the second round of
the “Off-Road Diesel Retrofit Showcase”. 
The Showcase II Program will pay 100% of the cost of purchase and
installation for qualified devices and offers the following

•  Double credit under the off-road regulation
•  Full purchase cost of device, including sales tax and  
shipping costs 
•  Device installation cost, and any additives needed for the
1000-hour demonstration period
•  Data logger and its installation
•  Reasonable funding for initial data logging and installation
•  $500 per vehicle to cover a portion of fleet’s program
management costs through the installation phase (only available
if fleet is the applicant)

The goal of the Showcase is to demonstrate the viability of
diesel emission control devices in a variety of off-road
environments. Further information regarding the Showcase is at
If you are interested in participating, we urge you to apply as
soon as possible since funding is limited and allocation will be
on first come first serve basis.
Solicitation documents can be accessed on the MSRC’s website:
Proposal Process Page. 

If you have any questions please contact John Karim, In-Use
Retrofit Section Manager, at (626) 459-4303 or
For contractual questions please contact Cynthia Ravenstein, MSRC
Contracts Administrator, at (909) 396-3269 or

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