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newsclips -- Newsclips for May 6, 2011.

Posted: 06 May 2011 15:31:09
California Air Resources Board News Clips for May 6, 2011.
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Sen. Boxer Makes Stink To EPA Over Mecca Odor. In a bluntly
worded letter to the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Sen.
Barbara Boxer on Thursday demanded that the government act more
urgently to solve the persistent problem of the foul odor in
Mecca. “It is imperative that this serious problem be solved
immediately,” wrote Boxer, a Democrat who lives in Rancho Mirage,
about 25 miles from the smell's epicenter. “The EPA must take
prompt action to protect the children and families in this
community. Posted.


Climate Change Reduced Wheat, Corn Yields, U.S. Researchers Say
Climate change reduced wheat and corn yields from 1980 to 2008,
U.S. researchers said in a study published in the journal
Science. World wheat production was 5.5 percent lower in that
span than it would have been without any change in temperatures
and rainfall, the researchers said. Corn output fell 3.8 percent
compared to a model without a changing climate, the study showed.

RGGI Still Alive In N.H., For Now. A Senate committee in New
Hampshire voted yesterday against a bill that would pull the
state out of the nation's only operating cap-and-trade system. A
vote by the full Senate chamber to leave the Regional Greenhouse
Gas Initiative, or RGGI, could come next week, however. The state
House already passed a bill this year calling for the state to
depart from the program, which caps carbon dioxide emissions of
utilities in 10 states in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. Posted.


Research Aims To Substitute Petroleum Fuels With Bio-Fuels.  The
California Energy Commission has awarded $2 million to UC San
Diego to accelerate research that will demonstrate the
feasibility of using a variety of new kinds of biofuels to
supplement or replace petroleum-based transportation fuels in the
future.  The state agency selected the university for the award,
which will be used to investigate a wide range of plant-based
biofuels, because it is one of the nation's leaders in developing
technologies to turn algae into biofuels.  Posted. 

California Biofuel Company To Build Plant In Northwestern
Ontario.  Thunder Bay, Ont. — A California biofuel and energy
company is poised to build a new plant in White River, Ont. 
Rentech’s president is in Sault Ste. Marie today to officially
announce the project.  Rentech’s White River project is to be
fuelled by wood fibre.  When it was checking out Marathon’s
dormant pulp mill last year, Rentech said it would create more
than 250 jobs at a retrofitted mill by producing 2,600 barrels a
day of aviation fuel made from wood fibre.  Posted. 


With Carpool Perk Ending For Hybrids, Some Owners Are Trading Up.
Starting July 1, those yellow carpool stickers cherished by
hybrid owners will expire, but by early next year a new
generation of super-clean vehicles sporting green and white
stickers will be taking their place in the carpool lane. The
looming expiration date already has 85,000 hybrid drivers and
their jealous commuter counterparts jockeying for position -- as
the Department of Motor Vehicles mails out warnings this week
that driving solo in the carpool lane will soon mean a $450 fine.


GOP Bill Would Merge EPA, DOE. Senate Republicans are pushing a
plan to morph the Energy Department and the EPA into one giant
agency. A bill introduced Thursday by Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C)
would combine the DOE and the EPA into a new agency called the
Department of Energy and Environment. Burr’s effort has the
backing of 15 GOP co-sponsors. Consolidating the agencies could
result in more than $3 billion in savings in 2012 alone,
according to a statement from Burr’s office. Posted.

NW Ind. Power Plant Set For Closure Next Year.  Hammond, Ind.
(AP) - The owner of a northwestern Indiana electric generating
plant plans to shut it down at the end of 2012 after more than 55
years of operation.  Officials of Virginia-based Dominion
Resources say that stand-alone coal plants such as State Line
Energy in Hammond have become less competitive with natural gas
power plants as natural gas prices fall and coal prices increase.

GE Pushes A Clean Energy Policy That Includes Incentives For
Natural Gas, Renewables And Nuclear. General Electric Co.
believes President Obama's concept of a broad "clean energy"
standard that includes incentives for natural gas, nuclear power
and renewable energy will work politically and economically. "We
thought it was achievable if you took steps to incorporate the
broadest number of technologies," said Rob Wallace, GE's
Washington-based head of government relations. Posted.


State Delays Vote On Two-Track High-Speed Rail For Bay Area. The
California High-Speed Rail Authority board on Thursday delayed a
decision to study a plan to initially run the state's bullet
trains on two tracks instead of four between San Francisco and
San Jose. The board decided to take up the plan at its next
meeting in June. If approved, officials would study the proposal
before making a decision in early 2013. Posted.


Viewpoints: Energy Projects Should Help Poor Areas Thrive.
California once again is at the forefront of national efforts to
address the crisis of global warming and achieve a thoughtful
transition from fossil fuel to clean and renewable energy
sources. By signing a law that requires 33 percent of the energy
produced by all of the state's major retail electricity suppliers
to come from renewable sources by 2020, Gov. Jerry Brown has
positioned the Golden State to lead the nation in reducing
greenhouse gases that threaten the future of Mother Earth.

Editorial: Leaders Must Demand An End To The Mecca Stink.
Something stinks in Mecca. For months now, children at Saul
Martinez Elementary School have been sickened by an odor of
unknown origin. More than a dozen students and teachers have been
treated by paramedics at the school. A couple have been sent to
the hospital. Teachers have complained. Parents have complained.
There have been three town hall meetings since the odor became a
problem in mid-December, with empathetic public officials and
promises to provide answers. Posted.


Fracture on Fracking.  Secretary of Energy Steven Chu has
appointed a panel of seven scientific and environmental worthies
to study the rapidly growing method of natural gas extraction
known as hydraulic fracturing and to make recommendations about
how it can be done more cleanly and more safely.  The group
includes John Deutch, a former Central Intelligence Agency
director; Kathleen McGinty, a former top White House
environmental adviser; and Daniel Yergin, probably the best-known
oil industry analyst in the country.  Posted. 

How Clean is Clean?  With the demise of climate change
legislation last year, attention has shifted to the possibility
of a patchwork of other rules that would have the effect of
cutting carbon dioxide emissions. On the state level, one popular
step is a renewable energy standard for the electricity sector. 
Generally the renewables standard is expressed as a percentage of
the electricity generated by all energy sources, often with
sub-quotas for solar power or geothermal energy.  Posted.

Report: Climate Change Hits Home. Even if the world stopped
emitting all greenhouse gases today, scientists say, the climate
would continue to change, perhaps for centuries, before it
stabilized.  Since a zero-emissions world is unlikely, to say the
least, and considering that global carbon emissions are
continuing on their upward trend, finding ways to adapt to what
many see as inevitable is getting more and more attention.

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