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arbcombo -- Indoor Air 2011 Conference is Less than 1 month away!

Posted: 10 May 2011 15:06:00
Indoor Air 2011 is a special opportunity to participate in a very
exciting, cutting-edge conference on indoor air quality.  This
triennial conference of the International Society of Indoor Air
Quality and Climate will be held in Austin, Texas from June 5-10,

Indoor Air 2011 will consist of nearly 200 hours of technical
sessions, forums, workshops, and cutting-edge panel discussions
on microbiomes of built environments, climate change and indoor
air quality, IAQ and cook stoves in developing countries, health
effects of indoor pollutants, weatherization and IAQ, thermal
comfort, ventilation, sustainable buildings, green products,
indoor chemistry, control technologies, SVOCs, emerging
pollutants, environmental justice, airborne infectious disease
transmission, IAQ in schools, hospitals, aircraft, and much more.

The California Air Resources Board is a Bronze Oak, non-financial
supporter, of Indoor Air 2011. For more information on the
conference, please visit
If you have questions regarding this announcement, please contact

Cath Polito


Richard L. Corsi

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