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newsclips -- Newsclips for May 18, 2011.

Posted: 18 May 2011 12:31:24
California Air Resources Board News Clips for May 18, 2011.
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Britain Sets Strict Targets for Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
Brussels — Britain announced on Tuesday some of the world’s most
ambitious targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, calling
for a reduction of 50 percent by 2025. Chris Huhne, the secretary
of state for energy and climate change, said the measures would
be aimed at weaning the country off cars that pollute and at
encouraging new industries. Posted.

MILLOY: 2012 GOP Guide To The Climate Debate.  If you’re thinking
of becoming a Republican presidential candidate - and who isn’t
these days - you can plan on being pressed on the climate issue.
In the wake of last week’s new report from a panel of the
National Research Council (NRC) reiterating its old talking
points on climate, The Washington Post editorialized that all
(read “Republican”) candidates for political office should be
quizzed about whether they agree with the “scientific consensus
of America’s premier scientific advisory group.”  Posted. 


Making Clean Air a Reality at the Port of Oakland. The docks.
Ships. Rail and trucks. Images of moving cargo readily come to
mind when we think of the working waterfront. The Port of Oakland
is a busy, bustling hub of cargo transport conveying, among other
things, a steady stream of containerized consumer goods from
China to distribution warehouses as far away as Reno. Posted.


Connecticut Seeks To Support Electric Car Usage.  Hartford, Conn.
(AP) - A key legislative committee is expected to act on
legislation intended to improve Connecticut's infrastructure for
electric cars.  The bill, up for a vote on Wednesday in the
General Assembly's Transportation Committee, would require
updating the state building code to address the need to
electrically charge the vehicles.  Posted. 

Green Automotive To Begin All-Electric SUV Impact Testing.  Green
Automotive Company Corporation (OTC:GACR) last night confirmed
its initiation of a 20 MPH FMVSS 214 Oblique Pole Side Impact
test on its All-Electric SUV, and plans to continue testing as
part of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards testing
required before the Company's planned launch of its All-Electric
vehicle line late this year.  Posted. 


Wind Vs. Water Conflict Roils The Pacific Northwest. The wind
energy industry is sharply protesting a decision by the
Bonneville Power Administration that could force wind generators
in the Pacific Northwest to shut down this spring when power
demand is low and the Columbia River flow is high. Such an order
could come this weekend, BPA says. In the short run, the wind
producers' remaining hope would be a difficult bid for a court
injunction against BPA's "environmental dispatch" decision, which
was announced Friday after months of public debate. Posted.

Going To Church Works To Promote Renewable Energy And Sell Energy
Efficiency. The public attitude and religious groups' attitudes
toward belief in man-made climate change are roughly the same,
with both currently in the minority, but that's not stopping
faith-based organizations from taking action. Faith-based
organizations on the East Coast have teamed up with utilities and
energy consultants to promote going green. Posted.


State Gives Long Beach $3.3 Million For Colorado Lagoon Cleanup.
Funding in addition to $1.8 million OKed earlier. Long Beach —
The State Water Resources Control Board approved $3.3 million to
fund the final cleanup phase to restore the Colorado Lagoon. The
15-acre lagoon, near Fourth Street and Park Avenue, has been
plagued by contaminated sediment. Posted.


Denial Won't Make Climate Change Go Away. There are truthers who
think the Sept. 11 attacks were staged by the U.S. government.
Then there are birthers who believe President Obama isn't native
born. And then there are the deniers who refused to accept the
overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change. A study by
an agency of the National Academy of Sciences, the nation's
premier scientific think tank, stated the case in plain,
bumper-sticker English: "Climate change is occurring, is very
likely caused primarily by human activities and poses significant
risks to humans and the environment." Posted.


You’ve Got to Start Somewhere: A Climate Prescription.  Hoping to
find a way around the current political impasse on climate change
and energy policy, a former top adviser to President Obama has
devised a policy proposal to drive down greenhouse gas emissions
from the utility industry over the next 20 years.  The plan,
“Promoting Clean Energy in the American Power Sector,” borrows
from a range of policy proposals, including President Obama’s
latest clean energy policy, the cap and trade plan that foundered
in Congress last year, and state-level clean electricity
mandates.  Posted. 

The True Cost of Carbon.  Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney,
economists at The Hamilton Project, are releasing a new paper
Wednesday on the costs of American energy policy. They argue: …
our energy choices are based on the visible costs that appear on
utility bills and at the gas pump. This system masks the social
costs arising from those energy choices, including shorter lives,
higher health care expenses, a changing climate, and weakened
national security. Posted. 

Exploring Roots of Climate Stasis, and Next Steps.  David
Roberts, the Grist blogger, has written a double-barreled book
review for the American Prospect that’s well worth reading. It
explores “The Climate War,” Eric Pooley’s deconstruction of the
long, and ultimately failed, effort to pass a comprehensive
climate bill in the United States. But Roberts focuses most on
David Victor’s new book “Global Warming Gridlock,” which I’m way
overdue to read.  Posted. 

With 700 E.V.’s to Lease, BMW Announces Charging Partner for U.S.
Market.  BMW will lease 700 ActiveE electric cars, which are
based on the 1 Series coupe, in the United States beginning this
year. On Wednesday, the automaker announced a partnership to
ensure that customers have a place to plug in.  BMW calls
AeroVironment, a California-based supplier of charging units, its
“preferred provider,” which is similar to the role filled by the
supplier for the purely electric Nissan Leaf.  Posted. 

PG&E Abandoning Wave Power. Challenges prove too much for one of
California's largest utilities. One of the nation's more
progressive electric utilities is bailing out of wave energy.
Pacific Gas & Electric is giving up its pilot projects along the
California coast. "There's definitely still a future for wave
energy," PG&E renewable energy spokesman Denny Boyles told me in
a Sacramento interview. Posted.

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