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arbcombo -- 2011 Verification Program Updates for ARB-accredited GHG verifiers

Posted: 24 May 2011 12:19:52
ARB staff is providing ARB-accredited verifiers with updated
information to support verification activities in 2011.   We
encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.

(1)  ARB staff has revised the Verifier’s Technical Guidance
document on the public website.  Revisions were minor, but please
re-review the contents as a refresher.  ARB staff has also posted
a revised FAQ, which now includes power entities.  Please review
these common questions and ARB staff responses in detail. 
(2)  A new COI/NOVS form is required for all 2010 verifications
in 2011.  The NOVS form must also be included, even if a site
visit is not scheduled.  Be sure you include the correct lead
verifier and internal reviewer – changes in those roles requires
a new COI form to be submitted.

(3)  Facilities subject to triennial verification are not
required to be verified again in 2011, even if they received an
adverse verification opinion in 2010.  For facilities subject to
triennial verification that received an adverse verification
opinion in 2010 on a 2009 emissions data report, verification is
highly recommended.

(4)  The existing Mandatory Reporting Regulation is being used
for 2010 verifications.  ARB adopted changes in December 2010,
and those changes will be in effect for 2011 emission data
reports in 2012.

(5)  If you have constructive suggestions to improve the
Verification Program, please consider scheduling a conference
call between ARB staff and your verification body.  We would
appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

Lastly, the Verification Section has a new manager.  David
Edwards, Ph.D., was appointed as the manager of the Emissions
Quality Assessment and Verification Section to replace Miss
Rajinder Sahota.  David received his Ph.D. from Princeton in
Chemistry and has worked at ARB for over 3 years in areas of
greenhouse gas emissions assessment, life-cycle assessment, GHG
protocol development, and GHGs from local government operations. 
Miss Sahota has moved to manage the development of the Offset
Program within ARB’s cap and trade program.  You can contact
David at dedwards@arb.ca.gov or 916-323-4887.

Thank you.


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