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newsclips -- Newsclips for May 25, 2011.

Posted: 25 May 2011 12:51:52
California Air Resources Board News Clips for May 25, 2011. 
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


WASHINGTON: Mecca Students Press For End To Foul Odor. 
Washington - A contingent of Mecca sixth-graders upset about the
"nasty" smell in their community met Tuesday with Sen. Barbara
Boxer, urging her to remain aggressive in her efforts to crack
down on the soil recycling plant that has been blamed for the
odor.  Earlier this month, the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency ordered Western Environmental Inc. to stop accepting
gasoline-contaminated soil at the Mecca site, Posted. 


Car Labels Add Fuel Use, Savings Comparisons. U.S. cars and light
trucks will carry labels comparing estimated five-year fuel costs
with those of the average new vehicle following industry
opposition to adding fuel-economy letter grades to the window
stickers. Posted.

New Car Labels In US Feature More On Fuel Savings. Washington -
U.S. fuel economy labelling unveiled on Wednesday includes
information on plug-in electric cars and highlights other
advanced technologies aimed at reducing oil use and tailpipe
emissions. Posted.

Explaining The Science Of This Spring's Tornadoes. With the
devastating Joplin, Mo., twister arriving on the heels of April's
deadly outbreak in the Southeast, many are wondering just what's
in the air this spring. Are we in for more? As residents of
Joplin, Mo., continued digging out from Sunday's deadly tornado,
researchers prepared to visit the stricken city to assess the
storm's intensity. Posted.

Climate Change Causing Allergies, Researchers Say. Apocalyptic
images of global climate change include drought, rising sea
levels, suffocating coral reefs and emaciated, drowning polar
bears. But a new study points to some of the more immediate and
mundane side effects of global warming: runny noses, itchy eyes
and persistent coughs.
Researchers say allergies are on the rise, and it's the result of
warmer temperatures and happier allergens, like ragweed and mold.

In U.K., Obama Invokes Global Risks Of Warming. During a rare
speech to both houses of Britain's Parliament, President Obama
today called climate change one of the world's principal threats,
while reaffirming the United States' commitment to addressing
greenhouse gas emissions through international collaboration. "In
a world where the prosperity of all nations is now inextricably
linked, a new era of cooperation is required to ensure the growth
and stability of the global economy," Obama said. Posted.


Boosters In Seattle See Future In Aviation Biofuel.
Seattle—Boosters of aviation biofuel say the Northwest could lead
the way in developing the new industry. 
Aviation and government officials called a news conference
Wednesday at Sea-Tac Airport to call attention to a biofuels
feasibility study. The study was conducted by Sustainable
Aviation Fuels Northwest. Members include Alaska Airlines,
Boeing, Washington State University and the Sea-Tac, Spokane and
Portland airports. Posted.

Biodiesel Industry Applauds Federal Flex-Fuel Fleet Directive.
The National Biodiesel Board applauded the White House's
directive Tuesday ordering the federal government to move toward
alternative-fuel vehicles, pointing out biodiesel's unique
position as a widely available advanced biofuel that
significantly reduces emissions and can be used in existing
vehicles. Posted.


Auto Makers Sweeten the Recipe for Small Cars Goodbye, Hand-Crank
Windows and Hello, iPod Docks; Car Buyers' Interest in Compacts
Rises Along with Gas Prices. The cheap-looking, cramped,
"econobox" car is dead. Auto makers are reinventing small,
fuel-efficient cars for American drivers, just in time for
another bout of angst caused by gasoline prices of $4 a gallon
and up in many cities and forecasts that oil prices will rebound
from their recent dip. The new crop of small cars aim for 40
miles per gallon on the highway, while borrowing technology,
styling ideas and creature comforts from luxury cars. Posted.

US Faces 74mpg Eco Target. US President Barack Obama is being
pressured by environmental groups to enact tough new Corporate
Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) figures that would require new cars
to return 74mpg (62mpg in US conversion) by 2025.
Influential US groups, including the California Air Resources
Board, want to see the 74mpg target proposal as law by next year.
The ruling could have a big impact on European premium car
makers, who would have to hit the 74mpg as an average across
their entire ranges. Posted.


Google Invests $55 Million In Mojave Desert Wind Farm. The
Internet search giant's efforts could help California regain its
status as the world's wind power capital, industry experts say.
Google Inc. is investing $55 million in a large Mojave Desert
wind farm, pumping fresh air into California's struggling wind
power industry. The Internet search giant made the announcement
in Anaheim at the industry's largest gathering,... Posted.

Report Predicts 236,000 New California Jobs From Tougher Fuel
Standards. Tougher fuel economy standards that will put more
electric cars, hybrids and other fuel-efficient models on
California's roads will create up to 236,000 new jobs in the
state over the next 14 years, according to a new report. Next 10,
a San Francisco-based nonprofit that promotes the growth of the
state's clean tech sector …Posted.

State's Energy System Will Need Major Overhaul. California can
meet its mandate to slash greenhouse gas emissions to 80 percent
below 1990 levels within the next 40 years - but only with a
virtual revolution in energy production and use, said a report
released Tuesday. Fossil fuel use must drop dramatically in
California, and reliance on renewable energy sources like solar,
wind and geothermal power will have to rise significantly,
according to the report by the independent California Council on
Science and Technology. Posted.

Report: Better Fuel Efficiency, Emissions Could Lead To New Jobs.
A new study finds that cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles will
lead to thousands of new jobs, consumer savings and economic
growth in California. The report by nonprofit research
organization, Next 10, projected the effects of future fuel
economy and emissions standards and new vehicle technology.

Greenpeace Says Cash, Technology Key For Developing Countries
Trying To Cut Greenhouse Gas.  Johannesburg -- Greenpeace has
ambitious plans for how South Africa, which hosts international
climate change talks this year, can cut greenhouse gas emissions.
 Greenpeace experts told reporters Wednesday the key for
developing countries like South Africa will be getting cash and
clean technology from industrialized countries. Posted. 

Smart Grid Costs Are Massive, but Benefits Will Be Larger,
Industry Study Says.  Deployment of smart grid technology from
U.S. utility control centers and power networks to consumers'
homes could cost between $338 billion and $476 billion over the
next 20 years, but will deliver $1.3 trillion to $2 trillion in
benefits over that period. The benefits will include greater grid
reliability, integration of solar rooftop generation and plug-in
vehicles, reductions in electricity demand, and stronger
cybersecurity, according to a new study by the Electric Power
Research Institute (EPRI).  Posted. 

New Natural Gas Plant From GE Ramps Up Quickly To Balance
Intermittent Solar, Wind Power.  New York — General Electric Co.
has developed a large new natural gas-fired power plant designed
to balance increasing amounts of electricity generated by
intermittent power sources like wind and solar as it flows into
an electricity grid.  GE says the power plant, which can produce
510 megawatts of peak power, ramps up twice as quickly as the
fastest existing big plants.  Posted. 

GE Introduces Power Plant To Complement Renewables.  New York --
General Electric Co. has developed a large new natural gas-fired
power plant designed to work with electric grids balancing
increasing amounts of intermittent power sources like wind and
solar.  GE says the power plant, which can produce 510 megawatts
of peak power, ramps up twice as quickly as the fastest big
plants.    Posted. 

Developers Want U.S. To Push Energy Diversity, Not Least-Cost
Power. Advocates for building up U.S. wind power capacity are
urging Congress to extend tax incentives before deadlines run out
in 2012 so developers can get a better handle on long-term
project financing. "Relying strictly on market signals is not
going to be successful in promoting energy diversity," said Ned
Hall, president of AES Wind Generation. Posted.

Developing Nations Are Expanding Wind And Solar. As the United
States and other industrialized countries struggle to decide how
to help developing nations expand their renewable energy
capabilities, countries from Tanzania to Sri Lanka are surging
ahead without the West's help, a new study finds. Still, the
report out this week by the German Marshall Fund and World
Resources Institute (WRI) notes, while developing countries are
showcasing a growing number of renewable energy plans, most, if
not all, still need significant financial resources to succeed.
Posted. http://www.eenews.net/climatewire/print/2011/05/25/5

Power-Monitoring Program Trims Electric Bills. A program in 11
cities across the country suggests that educating people about
their home power use could save them hundreds of dollars a year,
utility representatives said this week. Virginia-based company
OPower set up the 18-month pilot program with utility providers
to increase efficiency by giving customers detailed data on their
energy consumption. Posted.


Head To Head: Should California Go Back To The Drawing Board With
AB 32? THE ISSUE: A Superior Court judge ruled last week that
state air regulators must stop carrying out a cap-and-trade plan
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Judge Ernest Goldsmith's
ruling requires the Air Resources Board to examine alternatives
to emissions trading to meet targets under a 2006 law, Assembly
Bill 32. Ben Boychuk: Yes - New rules won't fix a misguided law.

Californians Will See Similar Benefits When It Comes To Clean
Cars. If the U.S. had stronger policies that put cleaner, more
fuel-efficient cars, trucks and SUVs on the roads, thousands of
jobs would be created in California and the nation, according to
a new study released Tuesday night by Next 10, an independent,
nonpartisan research organization focused on innovation. The
study, “Driving California's Economy: How Fuel Economy and
Emissions Standards Will Impact Economic Growth and Job
Creation,” …Posted.

California and The Ridiculous State of Law in America. There’s
reason to rejoice that a California state judge issued an
injunction on Friday against the state cap-and-trade scheme (C&T)
proposed in 2006.  For one thing, the case’s citation name is
Association of Irritated Residents v. California Air Resources
Board, and how often does that come along?  Irritated v. CARB
would make an awesome name for a rock band.


EPA Rolls Out New Fuel-Economy Labels. For years consumers have
demanding ever more extensive, useful information on food labels,
bank and credit-card statements, and even restaurant menus. Now
the reading of new-car window stickers promises to be more
engaging. The Environmental Protection Agency today unveiled its
latest revision of new fuel-economy labels that are to appear on
vehicles beginning with the 2013 model year. Posted.

U.S. Government Buys Its First Electric Vehicles. The federal
government handed over the keys to a handful of electric vehicles
it purchased Tuesday. The 116 cars -- a mixture of Chevrolet
Volts, Nissan Leafs and Think Cities -- are the first electric
vehicles to be purchased by the U.S. government for the federal
fleet. They will be distributed to 20 agencies, including the
U.S. Department of Energy and Department of Defense, in five
cities across the country. Posted.

Navajo Coal Plant Pollution And Grand Canyon Haze Subject To
Hearing. Leaders of several Indian nations urged a House
subcommittee Tuesday to stall plans to tighten emission standards
at the Navajo Generating Station in northeastern Arizona, which
is partly owned by Los Angeles' Department of Water & Power.

Energy Department Challenges Students, Encourages Home Energy
Conservation. In an effort to simultaneously encourage energy
conservation and increase students' interest in science, the
Department of Energy announced its Home Energy Education
Challenge on Tuesday. Administered by the National Science
Teachers Assn., the challenge encourages third- through
eighth-grade students in individual schools and classrooms to
compete against each other by monitoring their homes' energy use
for three months and comparing it with the same period one year
earlier. Posted.

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