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newsclips -- Newsclips for May 26, 2011.

Posted: 26 May 2011 12:30:10
California Air Resources Board News Clips for May 26, 2011. 
This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


White House Unveiling Plans to Curb Regulations. The White House
would eliminate requirements for trapping polluting vapors at
gasoline stations and let employers and hospitals file fewer
reports as part of a plan it is announcing Thursday to ease
regulatory burdens on business. More than four months after
President Barack Obama ordered agencies to weed out rules that
stifle economic growth, the administration was releasing some
details of its proposals. Posted. 

Calif. Can Meet 75% Of Its Clean Energy Goals With Existing
Technologies – Study. California regulators are jumping hurdles
to meet their target of 1990 emissions levels by 2020, but they
still have the long view in their sights. A report released this
week by the California Council on Science and Technology, a
state-founded think tank, theorizes on how to reach 80 percent
below 1990 levels by 2050, as mandated by an executive order
signed by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) in 2005. Posted.


New Mileage Stickers Include Greenhouse Gas Data. The federal
government unveiled new fuel economy window stickers on
Wednesday, for vehicles starting with the 2013 model year, that
for the first time include estimated annual fuel costs and the
vehicle’s overall environmental impact. The new labels, which
replace a five-year-old design that provided only basic
information about estimated fuel economy, represent the broadest
overhaul in the sticker program’s 35-year history. Posted. 

Obama Issues Presidential Memorandum on Federal Fleet
Performance. One million alternative fueled vehicles by Dec 31
2015. President Barack Obama has issued a Memorandum requiring
the Federal fleet, the largest fleet of light duty vehicles in
America, to lead by example to help meet national goals of
reducing oil imports by one-third by 2025 and putting one million
advanced vehicles on the road by 2015. Posted.

Christie To Pull NJ From Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Trenton, N.J.
-- Republican Gov. Chris Christie announced Thursday that New
Jersey will withdraw from a 10-state regional greenhouse gas
reduction program by the end of the year, saying the program is
ineffective at combating global warming. "The whole system is not
working as it was intended to work. It is a failure," the
governor said. Posted.

Tornadoes! Floods! Droughts! Scientists Say It's Global Warming. 
Washington -- The deadliest tornadoes in decades. Severe flooding
on the Mississippi River. Drought in Texas, and heavy rains in
Tennessee.  What's up with the weather?  Scientists say there are
connections between many of the severe weather events of the past
month and global warming.  "Basically, as we warm the world up,
the atmosphere can hold more moisture in it," said Anne
Jefferson, an assistant professor in the geography and Earth
science department at the University of North Carolina,
Charlotte.  Posted. 

Ruling Throws Doubt On California Cap And Trade Start. It is not
yet clear whether a California court ruling will prevent cap and
trade starting on time in the state in January next year. A final
court judgement last Friday is a setback to the implementation of
the emissions trading component of California’s multi-faceted
climate change action bill AB32, preventing the state’s Air
Resources Board (ARB) from continuing preparations for the scheme
which are well under way. Posted.

California Bounces Back After Judge Orders AB 32 Review.
California’s carbon markets have responded positively to a San
Francisco judge’s ruling that ordered further analysis from the
California Air Resources Board (ARB) on alternatives to the
state’s cap-and-trade scheme, say brokers. On Monday, the ARB
appealed the decision and the office of the state attorney
general simultaneously issued a stay to allow the agency to
continue preparations for the scheme while the case is with the
appeal court. Posted.

CARB Announces Winners Of High School Climate Change Project.
California winners of the first annual Climate Generation Program
competition were announced yesterday by the California Air
Resources Board (ARB). First prize was awarded to Menlo-Atherton
High School in Atherton. Arroyo High School in El Monte and Ukiah
High School in Ukiah won second and third prize, respectively.

Award-Winning Business. ECO-PRIZE—The California Air Resources
Board acknowledges Thousand Oaks-based Conejo Awards for taking
proactive steps to reduce its impact on the climate and for
communicating that information to employees and customers.
Actions included shutting down equipment at the end of the work
day, using refillable bulk-ink cartridges and converting to 100
percent e-invoicing. Posted.

M-A High Wins Top Prize In Climate Competition. Menlo-Atherton
High School has been awarded the top prize in the 2011 Climate
Generation competition, it was announced Tuesday, May 24. Climate
Generation is an annual statewide competition sponsored by the
California Air Resources Board that challenges high school
students to address climate change, clean energy and
sustainability with innovative outreach projects. Posted.


CARB Amendments To On-Road Rule Could Affect Long-Haul Trucks.
The California Air Resources Board has proposed several
amendments to its on-road rule, also known as the truck and bus
rule. The amendments are described here. The on-road truck and
bus regulation requires all trucks to meet 2010 model year engine
emissions standards by the year 2023. Fleets will be required to
begin meeting other diesel emission standards by 2014 through a
variety of compliance options. Posted.

Clean Diesel Technologies (CDTI) Announces $2.0 Million in Orders
for its Verified Emission Reduction Products. Clean Diesel
Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDTI) announced today that its Heavy
Duty Diesel Systems division has received nearly $2.0 million in
orders for its verified emission reduction products. More orders
are expected following the announcement on April 6, 2011 by the
State of California's Air Resources Board of a special compliance
option for California on-road diesel fleets pertaining to the
current Truck and Bus Regulation. Posted.


New Study Released – Driving California’s Economy. Maybe a
coincidence, but on the same day the EPA and DOE released new
fuel economy labels, Next 10 released a new study, “Driving
California’s Economy: How Fuel Economy and Emission Standards
Will Impact Economic Growth and Job Creation.” The study found
that policies that support fuel efficiency will drive consumer
savings, drive job creation and spur economic growth. Posted.


Republican Sees Electric Car Bill As A Climate 'Step' A member of
the Senate Republican leadership believes a major expansion of
electric cars is one way to address climate change, illustrating
the party's fractured views on climate science. As some lawmakers
search for a bipartisan agreement on clean energy, others see no
reason for it. Posted. 

Va. Motor Fuel Program Helps More Than 80 Local Governments,
Universities Reduce Costs.  Richmond, Va. — The Department of
General Services says Virginia’s State Motor Fuel Program is
helping more than 80 universities and local governments reduce
costs.  The program uses its buying leverage to obtain the best
fuel prices.  Participants can buy fuel in bulk, by consignment
or with the state’s fuel card. The bulk fuel program has 72
participants, while the fuel card program has 40.  Posted. 

Honda Sees Near-Normal American Production In Aug. Honda's North
American factories will return to near-normal production in
August, the automaker said Thursday, much faster than had been
expected. The announcement is another sign of improved parts
supplies flowing from Japanese suppliers, whose factories were
either damaged by the earthquake and tsunami there, or hit hard
by ensuing electric power outages. Posted. 

GE Opens Solar-Powered Car Charging Port In Conn. General
Electric Co. has built a new solar-powered carport for charging
electric vehicles in the parking lot of its facility in
Plainville. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy planned to help open the
charging stations on Thursday morning. The 216-by-40-foot carport
includes multiple hook-ups for plugging in electric cars, and all
the power will come from an array of solar panels. Posted. 

Do Trees Cause Global Warming? Looking for a solution to global
warming? Maybe start clear-cutting many of the world's forests,
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says. The chairman of the House Foreign
Affairs oversight subcommittee made it clear during a Wednesday
hearing that he doesn't believe in man-made global warming. But
if it were true — and most of the world's scientists agree it is
— Rohrabacher said he's hit on an answer by tackling the 80 to 90
percent of heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions "generated by
nature itself": Namely, yank down old trees and get rid of the
rotting wood in rainforests. Posted.

Reports Tout Jobs And Other Benefits Of Fuel Efficiency,
Alternative Fuels. A new report from a California nonprofit seeks
to make the case that the stricter the fuel efficiency standards,
the better off everyone will be economically. The study,
commissioned by the group Next 10, found that if drivers save
money on fuel, they will spend about 70 percent of that money on
mostly local goods and services, spurring job creation in sectors
further afield. Posted.


Company Seeks To Add Turbines To Longhorn Dam.  Austin,
Texas—Hydro Green Energy is seeking to add three underwater
turbines to Longhorn Dam in Central Texas.  The Houston-based
company would then sell electricity to the city of Austin, as
power being created by the flow of Lady Bird Lake through the
turbines.  The Austin American-Statesman reported Thursday that
Hydro Green has filed preliminary paperwork with the federal
government for the project.  Posted. 

'Step Change' Has Occurred In Opportunities For Gas – GE. General
Electric Co. is upping its investment in natural gas to
counterbalance the variability in its wind and solar energy
capacity. The group is "looking at a 25-year, very bullish
market" for gas, said John Krenicki, president and CEO of GE. Gas
supplies are becoming increasingly cheaper in the United States,
and prices may drop around the world, as well. Low carbon dioxide
emissions compared with coal are also a draw. Posted.


Obama Wants Agencies To Buy Greener Wheels.  The Obama
administration is buying 101 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid cars
and 15 battery-powered electric vehicles as it moves closer to
its goal of greening the federal vehicle fleet.  The White House
has ordered that all new cars or light trucks leased or purchased
by federal agencies run on alternative fuels by Dec. 31, 2015,
whether their power source is hybrid, electric, compressed
natural gas, biofuel or fuel cells.  Posted. 

U.S. Government Adds Hybrids and E.V.’s to Car Fleet. As part of
its effort to make the federal fleet greener and put a million
hybrid and electric vehicles on the road by 2015, the Obama
administration took a relatively small step Tuesday by purchasing
101 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids, as well as 15 battery-powered
E.V.’s. The White House also announced that it expected federal
agencies to use “midsize or smaller sedans” in lieu of the beefy
black S.U.V.’s commonly associated with federal executive

Are Tornadoes Caused By Climate Change? This spring, the U.S. has
experienced the deadliest single tornado on record and the
deadliest single day of tornadoes on record — and, no, they
weren't the same event. Yesterday brought still more tornadoes
and still more deaths. But don't stop there: The Mississippi is
flooding at near-record levels and Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are
experiencing a drought almost as bad as the one John Steinbeck
wrote about. Posted.

Study Concludes California Economic Growth And Employment Will
Rise With The Degree And Scope Of Transport Fuel Efficiency
Standards.  Aggressive federal fuel economy and California
emissions standards will enable California to enjoy a significant
reduction in energy dependence and global warming emissions while
stimulating statewide economic activity and employment with
substantial fuel savings, according to a new study by Dr. David
Roland-Holst of UC Berkeley’s Department of Agricultural and
Resource Economics, published by the group Next 10.  Posted. 

Critical List: U.S. Imported Less Than 50% Of Its Oil In 2010;
Congress Not So Into Climate Aid.  We're off foreign oil! More or
less.  One price we'll pay for that: ads with blue skies and
green fields and a man with a reassuring voice saying that
natural gas is totally, totally safe.  The price of renewable
energy will go down. So naturally, you should bet against its
success. Unless you're a venture capitalist.  Greenpeace found
radiation 50 times higher than legal limits in sea creatures off
the coast of Japan. Also, the plant's leaking radioactive waste
water. Three-eyed Simpsons fish, here we come!  Posted. 

Pro-Fracking Ad Accidentally Reveals Dangers Of Fracking. 
ExxonMobil has been running full-page ads that make underground
hydraulic fracturing operations -- the same ones responsible for
massive environmental problems all over the U.S. -- look about as
threatening as a World Book encyclopedia illustration of a water
pipe.  The ads highlight the multiple layers of steel and
concrete used to protect shallow aquifers. Posted. 

University Of Virginia Agrees To Release Some Global Warming
Documents. In response to a Freedom of Information Act request,
The University of Virginia agreed yesterday to turn over
documents related to the work of Michael Mann, one of
climatologists who put together the "hockey stick graph." Mann
and other scientists, using a variety of measures, estimated
global temperatures going back 1,000 years and what they found
was that there has been a sharp increase in Northern Hemisphere
temperatures during the last century…Posted.

DOE Funds Nevada Solar Project Worth $737 Million. Energy
Secretary Steven Chu announced a $737 million loan guarantee from
the Department of Energy (DOE) for the Crescent Dunes Solar
Energy Project. The project is being developed by Tonopah Solar
Energy, LLC, a subsidiary of SolarReserve, LLC. The project is
located 14 miles northwest of Tonopah, Nevada on 2,250 acres
leased from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Posted. 

Exxon Mobil Beats its Own (Oil) Drum in Latest CSR Report. When
you are as big as ExxonMobil, you will issue a sustainability or
corporate social responsibility (report) on your own terms:  that
was the theme of the energy behemoth’s  2010 Corporate
Citizenship Report.  The report follows the guidelines of the
International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation
Association and APIOGISR (American Petroleum Institute Oil and
Gas Industry Guidance on Sustainability Reporting). Posted. 

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