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arbcombo -- Notice of Public Hearing to Consider the Approval Proposed State Implementation Plan Revisions for Ozone and PM2.5

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 16:56:55
The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) will conduct a public
hearing at the time and place noted below to consider the
approval of proposed revisions to the California State
Implementation Plan (SIP) for submittal to the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). 

ARB’s proposed 8-hour ozone SIP revisions are limited to the ARB
rulemaking calendar for one measure, ARB’s actions to identify
advanced emission control technologies, adjustments to
transportation conformity budgets, and revisions to reasonable
further progress tables including associated reductions for
contingency purposes for the South Coast and the San Joaquin
Valley.  ARB staff is also proposing minor technical revisions to
the PM2.5 SIP transportation conformity budgets for the South
Coast and San Joaquin Valley.  ARB staff has produced a staff
report entitled, “Proposed 8-Hour Ozone State Implementation
Plans Revisions and Technical Revisions to the PM2.5 State
Implementation Plan Transportation Conformity Budgets for the
South Coast and San Joaquin Valley Air Basins” (Staff Report)
supporting the proposed revisions to the South Coast and San
Joaquin Valley SIPs.

Date:	July 21, 2011

TIME:  	9:00 a.m.

PLACE:	California Environmental Protection Agency
Air Resources Board
Byron Sher Auditorium
1001 I Street
Sacramento, California  95814

Directions: http://www.calepa.ca.gov/EPABldg/location.htm

The Staff Report may also be obtained from ARB’s web site at:


To view the hearing notice or provide your comments before the
Board Hearing, please go to:


Further inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to Mr.
Jeff Lindberg, Air Pollution Specialist at (916) 322-2832, or to
Ms. Sylvia Zulawnick, Manager of the Particulate Matter Analysis
Section at (916) 324-7163, or at 1001 “I” Street, Sacramento,
California, 95814.

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