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newsclips -- Newsclips for June 22, 2011.

Posted: 22 Jun 2011 12:51:03
California Air Resources Board News Clips for June 22, 2011.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Railroads Threatened With Lawsuit. Los Angeles (AP) — An
environmental group threatened to sue two of the nation's biggest
rail owners Tuesday under a novel legal theory that would
classify diesel exhaust as hazardous waste. The Natural Resources
Defense Council sent letters to Union Pacific Corp. and
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, saying it will file a
lawsuit within 90 days under the Resource Conservation and
Recovery Act, which regulates hazardous solid waste disposal.


Study Will Track Valley Air Pollution Coming From Asia. From a
wind-blasted ridge high above the Pacific Ocean, scientists will
begin learning how much of the San Joaquin Valley's air pollution
can be blamed on coal power plants and ferocious dust storms in
rapidly developing Asian nations. As United States air quality
standards get even stricter, the amount of pollution blowing in
from overseas becomes a more significant hindrance to meeting
those standards. And failure to meet them endangers our health
and costs us money. Posted.

Take Precautions, Valley Air District Officials Say. Quality
expected to decline over next few days. The San Joaquin Valley
Air Pollution Control District said a prediction of deteriorating
air quality Valley-wide for the next few days prompted air
officials to remind the public to take appropriate precautionary
measures as conditions dictate. "It's important to learn how to
protect yourself from high ozone, and also to reduce emissions
that cause it," said Samir Sheikh, director of the air district's
strategies and incentives department, which includes air quality
analysis. Posted.

Air Quality Concerns Threaten Natural Gas's Image. Massive stores
of natural gas that lie underneath big portions of the United
States offer a cleaner source of electricity to a country that
relies heavily on coal, but producing all that gas also can pump
lots of pollution into the air. Gas production already has caused
unhealthy air in Wyoming's Sublette County and Utah's Uintah
Basin. Posted.

Pollution And Climate Change Accelerate Ocean Degradation –
Report. United Nations -- A scientific panel issued a report to
U.N. member states yesterday indicating that the health of the
globe's oceans may be in much worse shape than is widely
appreciated. A combination of factors are threatening a new mass
extinction event in the oceans similar to earlier extinctions
recorded in the paleontological data, warns a group of marine
biologists and climatologists who met recently at Oxford
University to share research. Posted.


Gore Criticizes Obama on Climate. Washington — Former Vice
President Al Gore harshly criticizes President Obama for lack of
leadership on climate change in a magazine essay published online
Wednesday, saying that he had barely moved American policy on
global warming since assuming the presidency from George W. Bush.
In the 7,000-word article in Rolling Stone, Mr. Gore says that
Mr. Obama clearly understands the threat to the planet posed by
global warming and that he has appointed a number of qualified
and committed advocates to key positions.  Posted.

Impact of Supreme Court's Greenhouse Gas Ruling Likely to Be Felt
in Other Cases. The Supreme Court's ruling yesterday finding that
states cannot invoke federal common law in an attempt to limit
greenhouse gas emissions has left several key legal questions
unanswered. Lawyers say the remaining issues are likely to be
litigated in short order. Posted.

Justices Rebuff States on Utilities’ Gas Emissions. Washington —
The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously rejected a lawsuit that
had sought to force major electric utilities to reduce their
greenhouse gas emissions without waiting for federal regulators
to act. The suit was brought by six states, New York City and
several land trusts. Posted.

Road Map Identifies Immediate Measures To Address Climate Change.
The United Nations Environment Programme and the World
Meteorological Organization reported June 14 that widespread
implementation of just 16 measures to reduce emissions of black
carbon and ozone (principally the precursors methane and carbon
dioxide) can give the world a fighting chance of limiting global
temperature rise to 2 degrees or less. Posted.

A Region With Big Climate Vulnerability And Bigger Distractions.
The third in a series. Click here to read the first story and
here for the second in the series. Climate change may be the last
thing that leaders of revolution-riddled countries in the Middle
East want to deal with now. But before long, experts say, the
problems caused by rising global temperatures could disfigure the
land they are fighting over. From disappearing snow in Lebanon to
rising seas threatening Bahrain to flooding in Tunisia and Egypt,
climate change already is giving the Middle East and North Africa
a good deal to worry about. Posted.

Lab-Grown Meat Could Cut GHG Emissions By More Than 95%. New
research suggests that artificial meat grown in a lab could be an
environmentally friendly way to cut greenhouse gas emissions
without forcing meat eaters to sacrifice their favorite foods.
The study, produced jointly by researchers from Oxford University
and Amsterdam University, found that meat cultured in a lab
reduced greenhouse gas emissions by up to 96 percent compared to
conventional livestock methods. Posted.


Dutch Airline KLM To Use Old Cooking Oil As Biofuel To Fuel KLM
Flights To And From Paris.  Amsterdam—Dutch airline KLM plans to
use recycled cooking oil as biofuel to power flights to and from
France in a move aimed at cutting carbon emissions.  Starting in
September, KLM will begin more than 200 flights between Paris and
Amsterdam using biofuel made from used cooking oil, the company
said Wednesday.  Posted.  



Sales Of Electric Vehicles Are Set To Take Off Soon, Panelists
Say.  Novi, Mich. -- While initial sales of the Chevrolet Volt
and the Nissan LEAF were lower than expected, those figures are
expected to rise at a very fast pace. High gas prices and the
choice to "go green" will drive consumers to take home EVs very
soon. Experts discussed that very topic at the Automotive News
Green Car Conference on Tuesday at the Suburban Collection
Showplace in Novi, Mich.  Posted. 
Battery Update - Emerging Technologies.  University of Texas' Dr.
John Goodenough, holder of the patent for the LiFePO4 design,
tested LiFePO4 batteries and concluded lithium-iron batteries
maintain energy availability until 2,000 cycles. A durability
assessment performed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
places batteries as able to perform 6,000 deep cycles for a
Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle.  Posted. 


China's 'Solar City' Rushes To Catch Power Boom.  Baoding,
China—Solar panels jut out of streetlights in China's
self-proclaimed Clean Energy City. Tiny wind turbines twirl atop
public buildings. Schools are due to teach students about "green
living."  In the scramble to profit from demand for clean energy,
this city southwest of Beijing is promoting itself as a
manufacturing center for solar, wind and other gear by
transforming into a living showcase of environmental technology. 

New Company Hopes To Help Solar Plants With Capital. CleanPath, a
new green energy company, is looking to fund 1,000 megawatts of
solar power over the next five years, but rather than hanging
around once the projects are completed, CleanPath CEO Matt Cheney
says his company will sell its stake and reinvest in new solar
ventures. The new company, Cheney said, will provide another
option for solar projects that could run into financial trouble
in the coming years as the number of federal tax incentives for
solar energy declines. Posted.

Southern Calif. Energy Hub Eyed For Clues To U.S. Green Economy.
San Diego -- A small company that developed a $1 billion wind
farm works out of a pink-hued building near the Pacific Ocean
here. Down the hill, an investment firm decides how to spend $6.5
billion on energy ventures. Two traffic lights away sits a
company that is building one of the world's largest wind
projects. Renewable power developers, biofuel researchers and
clean technology entrepreneurs have flocked to this coastal city,
making it a growing hub of energy-sector interests. Posted.


Scientists Discover Toxic Dishwasher Fungus. Once rarely found in
nature, the potentially deadly black yeast fungi have begun to
expand their territory. And the new frontier could be your
kitchen. A team of European scientists sampled nearly 190
dishwashers in family homes around the world. They found black
yeasts living on 62 percent of the rubber seals surrounding the
dishwasher door. The study appears in the journal Fungal Biology.


. . . And the Climate Tort Cashiered. Justice Ginsburg's finest
hour. Yesterday's other important Supreme Court decision (see
above) came in a case that joined the green lobby and the trial
bar, if that isn't redundant. The Court unanimously struck down
one of the legal left's most destructive theories, and not a
moment too soon. In American Electric Power v. Connecticut, eight
states and various other environmental activists sued a group of
utilities, claiming that their carbon emissions were a "nuisance"
under federal common law and that therefore the courts should set
U.S. global warming policy. Posted.

The Carbon Ruling. The Supreme Court’s decision on greenhouse
gases on Monday is a disappointment to the states and
environmental groups that had hoped to use federal common law to
curb carbon dioxide pollution from power plants. It would also
appear to be a setback in the fight against global warming.

Gore: Obama Lacks `Bold Action' On Global Warming. Former Vice
President Al Gore is doing what few environmentalists and fellow
Democrats have done before, criticizing President Barack Obama's
record on global warming. In a 7,000-word essay for Rolling Stone
magazine that was posted online Wednesday, Gore says Obama has
failed to stand up for "bold action." Gore contends that Obama
has made little progress on the problem since Republican
President George W. Bush. Posted.
OUR VIEW: Justices Curb States' Global Warming Power Grab. The
U.S. Supreme Court has issued a sensible ruling concerning the
regulation of pollution and the supposed threat of global
warming. The ruling directly affects California, which was one of
eight states that sued four electric power companies, the main
one being American Electric Power Co. of Ohio, for causing global
warming. The court's summary of Monday's 8-0 decision, written by
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, says the plaintiff "alleged that
public lands, infrastructure and health were at risk from climate
change." Posted.

Editorial: Senate Regains Sanity On Ethanol Subsidies.  Corn
ethanol not so long ago was the darling of the green movement,
and Congress responded by lavishing on growers and blenders of
the alternative fuel lucrative tax credits and favored tariff
protections. So much for the free market.  But that was then.
Now, by a huge bipartisan margin, the U.S. Senate has voted to
end the tax credits. It's likely that tariff protections are at
risk, too. Is this a free market revival?  " Posted. 

We Can Definitely Change The Future. Lately I have heard about
global warming and how this affects the weather and the air we
breathe. I have heard adults talk about how the weather is
changing, and how global warming and climate changes are related.
It seems that the climate is changing and that the earth is
warming up. The warming of the earth causes increases in
temperatures and decreases the natural habitat of many species.
In fact, many species are losing their ability to adapt to the
changes in temperatures and we are losing a number of ecosystems.


Shrugs Over High Court Decision. Immediate impact of greenhouse
gas ruling on California seems minimal. The silence is deafening
since the US Supreme Court ruled this week that states can't take
utilities to court over greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on their
own. NPR's reporting of the decision calls it "the court's most
important environmental ruling in years." Posted.

The House Passes Bill to Cut 40% of Energy Efficiency Programs
Budget.  The House Appropriations Committee just passed their
appropriations bill for next year’s Department of Energy that
slashes $1 billion from current spending for the department
putting them at a cash equivalent of what they were allotted in
2006. The bill was passed out of committee with a 26-20 vote —
with just one Republican voting against — and totals a whopping
$5.9 billion less than what President Obama had requested for the
DOE earlier this year.  Posted. 

Life Cycle Assessment of EVs Reveals Startling Results. A number
of articles and blogs published this week paint a negative
picture of electric cars based on a British study published
earlier this month. The study attempts a comparative life-cycle
assessment (LCA) of conventional, hybrid and electric cars and
prompted “downer” headlines such as, “Electric Cars May Not Be So
Green After All” and “More Bad News For The Chevy Volt”. Posted. 

American Airlines To Be Launch Customer For Boeing
Ecodemonstrator Program; Flight Testing A Range Of New
Technologies To Reduce Fuel Consumption, Emissions And Noise. 
American Airlines will be the launch customer for Boeing’s
evolutionary ecoDemonstrator Program, in which a Boeing
Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft will be used to flight test and
accelerate the market readiness of emerging technologies to help
reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and community noise. 

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