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arbcombo -- Community Workshops for Advanced Clean Cars Regulations

Posted: 24 Jun 2011 15:38:27
The California Air Resources Board would like to invite you to
join staff and invited panelists to learn more about the health
and economic impacts of air pollution and climate change and what
the ARB is doing to reduce these emissions from the largest
single source -- passenger cars and trucks.  

This fall, the ARB will propose a suite of regulations affecting
new cars sold between 2018 and 2025 to help meet those goals.
Called ‘Advanced Clean Cars’, these regulations will
significantly reduce greenhouse gas and smog emissions from
California’s cars and trucks, will accelerate the numbers of
plug-in hybrids and zero-emission vehicles on the roads in
California, and will ensure that fuels such as electricity and
hydrogen are available for these new vehicle technologies. 
California needs clean and efficient vehicles to meet its health
and climate change goals.  

We are holding three evening workshops throughout the state to
hear  your input as we develop the Advanced Clean Car
regulations.  In addition, ARB is preparing an environmental
analysis (known as a Functional Equivalent Document, or FED) as
required under the California Environmental Quality Act. This
analysis will identify potentially significant environmental
impacts of the proposed Advanced Clean Cars regulations, and
feasible mitigation for such impacts.  These meetings will also
serve as scoping meetings for the FED, to receive input as to
what elements you consider important for inclusion in the
environmental analysis.  

Background:  Despite progress in addressing the state’s stubborn
air pollution problems, 90 percent of Californians still live in
areas with unhealthy air. Climate change will exacerbate air
pollution, and its impacts are already being felt in some areas.
The State of California has committed to protect public health,
the economy, and the environment through policies that address
air pollution and climate change, and the ARB is charged with
implementing these policies. 
To download the meeting notice in English or Spanish, go to: 
To learn more about the Advanced Clean Cars Regulations, go to:
If you have questions about these workshops or Advanced Clean
Cars, please contact Lisa Chiladakis at lchilada@arb.ca.gov or at

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