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newsclips -- Newsclips for June 27, 2011.

Posted: 27 Jun 2011 11:50:31
California Air Resources Board News Clips for June 27, 2011.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Install Carbon-Monoxide Detector By Friday.  The deadline for
owners of single-family homes to install carbon-monoxide
detectors is this Friday, July 1.  A state law passed last year
goes into effect that day, affecting homes that have an attached
garage, fireplace or appliance that burns fossil fuel, like
natural gas.  Failure to install a detector can result in a $200
fine, but if caught, a homeowner will get 30 days to install one.
Is Valley Importing Bad Air? Monitor near coast will help UC
scientists track Asian pollution. Air-quality scientists have
long suspected some of the San Joaquin Valley's notorious brown
haze comes all the way from places like China -- taking an
amazing wind-blown trip. Now it's time to find out. Years ago,
researchers confirmed plumes of east Asian forest fires, airborne
dust, industrial pollution and vehicle exhaust float high in the
atmosphere to California and the rest of the West. Posted.

TEMECULA: Commission Considers More Quarry Hearings. At least two
more hearings seem to be a given, and there's a chance the county
Planning Commission's review of Granite Construction's Liberty
Quarry proposal could stretch into four or more sessions. Nothing
is set in stone yet. Posted. 


California Gets Carbon Market Court Win. San Francisco (Reuters)
- A California appellate court has ruled that state regulators
can proceed with plans to implement a carbon cap-and-trade
system, a decision that puts them on track to launch the market
as scheduled in January 2012. The ruling by the California First
District Court of Appeal late on Friday is the latest chapter in
a months-long legal battle over plans by the state Air Resources
Board to establish a carbon market to help California's biggest
greenhouse gas polluters reduce emissions to 1990 levels by 2020,
as required by state law. Posted.
Obama’s Inaction Disappoints Green Groups. Former Vice President
Al Gore’s criticism of President Obama on climate change and the
administration’s failure to install solar panels as promised on
the roof of the White House are shining a light on growing
disillusionment with the president among environmental activists.

Two New Business Bills Address Climate Change. Two bills related
to climate change that have been flagged by business interests
are scheduled to go before lawmakers on Monday. Developers want
to see passage of a bill that would streamline the environmental
review process for projects that comply under greenhouse gas
regulations previously passed under California’s groundbreaking
climate-change laws. Posted.

ARB's Nichols Claims Governor's Support For Cap And Trade But
Predicts 'No Pronouncements'. Stanford, Calif. -- Gov. Jerry
Brown (D) supports California regulators' approach to curbing
greenhouse gas emissions, although he is not planning on making a
public statement to that effect any time soon, the head of the
state's chief climate agency said last week. The comments by Air
Resources Board Chairwoman Mary Nichols, made last week at a
discussion at Stanford University, comes as the state moves ahead
with its cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases. Posted.

Koch Brothers Fund Assault on Climate Legislation, Seek To
Destroy RGGI. After DC failed to enact comprehensive climate
change legislation, it was good to see states take the lead on
regional cap-and-trade programs. We now have 3 regional
initiatives to address greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) involving
more than 30 states. That so many states are involved shows that
people want to address climate change. Posted.


Calif. Regulators Expand Clean-Fuel Shipping Zone. California
regulators have expanded a clean-fuel zone to prevent cargo
vessels from skirting the world's toughest ship pollution rules.
Ship crews had been traveling farther out to sea to avoid the
original zone so they could save money by using heavy,
sludge-like fuels instead of more expensive, cleaner fuel.

'Cars 2' Fuels Energy Debate With Green Theme. Director says
theme for plot, not politics. Los Angeles — Even the animated
world of Lightning McQueen and Mater the tow truck is testing new
energy sources to replace fossil fuels. Pixar Animation
mastermind John Lasseter says the company has no environmental
agenda, but with "Cars 2," the blockbuster outfit does tap into
today's eco-mindedness with a plot driven by oil vs. a cleaner
alternative. Posted.


White House Proposes Increased Mileage Standards For Cars, Light
Trucks. The Obama administration wants cars and light trucks in
the United States to average 56.2 miles per gallon of gasoline by
2025, a standard that will cut the nation’s oil consumption and
carbon output significantly while also raising each vehicle’s
cost by about $2,375. Posted.

Bay Area Hybrid Owners Must Go With Flow. For years, Emily Baker
Lohr struggled with the decision to buy a new car. She said she
could never justify making the $20,000-plus investment. That was,
until she heard about California’s yellow-sticker program, an
initiative that would allow owners of hybrid vehicles to travel
alone in the state’s carpool lanes. Posted.

Roadshow: Prius Party Packs 'Em In. There was no crying at
Roadshow's Prius Party on Sunday, where a couple of hundred
people gathered in the Mercury News parking lot. From throughout
the South Bay to as far away as Folsom, they came to peel off
their yellow carpool stickers to mark the end of one of the
freeway's most divisive perks: This Friday, we're getting booted
for good out of California's carpool lanes. Actually, a tear or
two was shed. Mine was the first. "You ready?" Posted.

Prius Clean Air Stickers To Expire July 1. Bay Area Prius owners
are mobilizing this weekend. On July 1st they lose the right to
use HOV carpool lanes, even if they have those yellow clean air
stickers unless they car pool. Some hybrid owners are gathering
in San Jose on Sunday for a Prius party and to help them figure
out how to peel off the yellow decals. Posted.

As Tesla Model S Is Born, Tesla's Ultra-Expensive Roadster Set To
Die. California owners of Priuses and other hybrids are about to
get a rude awakening: as of July 1, 2011, they will no longer be
eligible for the HOV lane with their yellow stickers. Those who
want to get into that lane again are stuck looking for white
sticker vehicles, including the Nissan Leaf, but that
all-electric vehicle is severely limited in range (Nissan claims
100 miles, but search for "range anxiety" and you'll see
real-life is not the same). Posted.


Solar Firms Attract Market Interest, but Few Are for Sale.
Snatching a well-managed and profitable solar company has been
creeping up the agenda of global groups that are hoping to expand
their renewable energy portfolios in the post-Fukushima world.
But finding a good company in the sector that is also available
is not proving to be easy. Posted. 

Greenpeace Protesters Dump Coal At South African Electricity
Company In Call For Clean Energy.  Johannesburg — Greenpeace
protesters dumped five tons of coal at the headquarters of South
Africa’s power utility company Monday to draw attention to their
calls for the country to embrace clean energy.  Posted. 

N.Y. Passes Key Energy Efficiency Law. The New York Legislature
has passed an energy bill that supporters say will cut greenhouse
gas emissions by jump-starting the state's efficiency program and
boosting renewable power. The legislation, which is backed by
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), overhauls the state's process for
permitting new power plants. Posted.


Spurring The EPA On Greenhouse Gases. The Supreme Court decision
to reject a climate-change lawsuit against power plants should be
a catalyst for the EPA to work on rules to limit greenhouse
gases. When the Supreme Court rules in favor of power plants in a
global warming case, the initial reaction is dismay. Posted.

Editorial: State Can Lead Fight For Fuel Economy. As deadlines
fast approach for setting new clean car standards for California
and the nation, the Brown administration can play a pivotal role.
California has the power to reduce pollution, slow the growth of
climate changing greenhouse gases and shrink America's deadly
dependence on foreign oil. But convincing action is needed now.


California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Runs Out Of Money. The
California Air Resources Board ran out of money for its Clean
Vehicle Rebate Project this week. The program had doled out $11.1
million over the past 27 months to buyers of zero- emissions
vehicles in the state. Almost 2,000 rebates have been issued or
are in the process, according to an ARB spokesperson. Rebate
amounts ranged from $1,500 to $5,000, depending on the vehicle
purchased.  Posted.

EPA Reduces Its Cellulosic Ethanol Mandate Again For 2012.
Remember five years ago, when cellulosic ethanol was going to
fill our tanks without eating into food crops? The Environmental
Protection Agency does, because it's had to keep rolling back the
minimum renewable fuel standards put into place by the passage of
the 2005 Energy Policy Act (H.R. 6). Posted. 

Zurich Buses Outfitted with Air Quality Sensors for Mobile
Monitoring. Laboratories at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de
Lausanne (EFPL) in Switzerland and one at ETH Zurich are working
on a better way to collect data about cities' air quality.
Researchers have started OpenSense, a project that will test out
if using the existing infrastructures of public transportation
and mobile phone networks could be a smart solution for
monitoring pollution. Posted.

California ARB To Hold Community Meetings On Coming LEV III
Combined Tailpipe And GHG Regulations.  The staff of California
Air Resources Board (ARB) is in the process of developing a
proposal for Board’s consideration later this year to amend
California’s Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) regulations. The proposed
amendments, known as LEV III, ask for more stringent tailpipe and
greenhouse gas emission standards for new passenger vehicles sold
between 2018 and 2025.
Value Of Solar Power Far Exceeds Its Cost.  Solar power has a
monetary value as much as 10 times higher than its energy value,
thanks to its ability to reduce peak demand on the transmission
and distribution system, hedge against fuel price increases, and
enhance grid and environmental security.  The cost of
residential-scale distributed solar PV is around 23 cents per
kilowatt-hour (kWh) in a sunny climate like Los Angeles, 24 cents
in Colorado. Posted. 

Aviation Biofuels About to Take Off. An extraordinary convergence
of recent events seems poised shortly to make aviation biofuels
the belle of the investor's ball. The first is that on 8 June the
follows the international standards certifying body ASTM
International announcing its approval of its BIO SPK Fuel
Standard, to be made official later in the year, of the use of
hydrotreated renewable jet (HRJ) Jet A-1 fuel in commercial
aviation. Posted. 

POTUS The Sneak. Dismissed or rejected by Congress?  No problem. 
Just effect the consequences of the would-be bill by memo to
regulatory or enforcement agencies.  Cap-and-trade legislation,
gun regulation, net neutrality legislation -- all dismissed or
rejected by Congress. Undaunted, the Obama has used the EPA to
try to effect carbon control, AFT to try to implement gun
controls and FCC to try to effect net neutrality. Posted.

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