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omb -- ARB Compliance Training Courses

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 08:45:07
You can take the same training as regulatory and enforcement
staff.  Get the knowledge you need to understand how CARB
regulations apply to your business. 

Check out our list of upcoming classes.
Date	Course	Location 
July 6, 2011	Course 299: Theory & Application of Air Pollution
Control Devices
July 13, 2011	Course 274: Biomass Fired Boilers
July 13, 2011	Course 511: Diesel Exhaust After-treatment Devices
July 19, 2011	Course 100: Fundamentals of Enforcement (FOE or
Smoke School)
Long Beach
July 19, 2011	Course 512: Diesel Vehicle Regulation Overview
LA Trade Technical College
Anytime	Course 190: Air Academy Online Training
Online Class
Anytime	Course 300: Fundamental Inspector Course
Online Class
Anytime	Course 290.7: Chrome Plating ATCM Certification
Online Class
To see a list of all courses, please visit    
For registration information, please visit   
For training schedule information, please visit
Thank you, 
CARB Training Staff 
Important Message: If you have enrolled in a class and are unable
to attend, please drop the class via MyARBTraining System. We
appreciate your consideration as some of our classes fill quickly
and this will allow space for other students requesting our
training. Additionally, once 3 no-shows are logged, the system
will not allow future enrollments.

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