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fuels -- Updated Proposed E10 Certification Fuel Specification

Posted: 01 Jul 2011 09:43:54
Air Resources Board staff has posted an updated proposed E10
certification fuel specification on California Certification Fuel
Development webpage. Staff is proposing to update specifications
for certification fuel for on-road gasoline vehicles; the
proposed specifications will be considered by our Board together
with proposed Low-Emission Vehicle (LEV) III standards later this
year. The updated proposed E10 certification fuel can be found

The new California Certification Fuel Development webpage can be
found here:

For more information on the LEV III rulemaking visit:

For questions, please contact Adrian Cayabyab at (916) 327-1515
or by e-mail at acayabya@arb.ca.gov

The LEV III standards will integrate requirements for reducing
smog and greenhouse gas emissions, giving auto engineers a clear
target for meeting environmental standards over the next 15
years.  The standards will identify a pathway to even lower
emissions by mid-century.  The new certification fuel will ensure
that vehicles meet the LEV III standards on today’s commercially
available fuel.

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