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arbcombo -- 2010 Commitments for Four High-Priority Railyards Ė New ARB Report

Posted: 05 Jul 2011 10:34:23
The Air Resources Board (ARB) staff has prepared a Supplement to
the June 2010 Staff Report on Proposed Actions to Further Reduce
Diesel Particulate Matter at High-Priority California Railyards.
This report includes updated emissions and health risk estimates
and a California Environmental Quality Act Functional Equivalent
Document (FED).  The FED evaluates the potential environmental
impacts of the proposed project, which is approval and
implementation of the Revised 2010 Commitments between ARB and
Union Pacific (UP) Railroad and BNSF Railway (BNSF).

The supplement presents revised estimates of diesel particulate
(PM) emissions and health risk at four railyards (BNSF San
Bernardino, BNSF Hobart, UP Commerce and UP ICTF/Dolores).  The
report quantifies the significant reduction in diesel PM
emissions and health risk at each railyard between 2005 and

The Revised 2010 Commitments are an agreement to reduce diesel PM
emissions at the four railyards in Southern California by 85
percent by 2020, as compared to 2005 levels.  The FED identifies
three topics with potentially significant impacts:  light, noise,
and transportation/traffic.  Although the execution and
implementation of the Revised 2010 Commitments do not directly
and adversely affect the physical environment, ARB has determined
that operational changes that may be undertaken by the railroads
to meet the emission reduction targets or reduce health risk have
the potential to result in changes to the physical environment in
the vicinity of the railyards.

The public review and comment period for the FED is July 5, 2011
through August 19, 2011.  For more detailed information on how to
submit comments see the Notice at the website listed below. 
Copies of the supplement (including the FED) may be obtained from
ARBís Public Information Office, 1001 I St., 1st Floor,
Environmental Services Center, Sacramento, California 95814 or

If you have questions on the 2010 Commitments or CEQA FED, please
contact Harold Holmes, Manager, Rail Strategies Section, at (916)
324-8029 or hholmes@arb.ca.gov.

Diesel exhaust contains a variety of harmful gases and more than
40 other known cancer-causing compounds.  In 1998, California
identified diesel particulate matter as a toxic air contaminant
based on its potential to cause cancer, premature death, and
other significant health problems.

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