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newsclips -- Newsclips for July 8, 2011.

Posted: 08 Jul 2011 14:14:58
California Air Resources Board News Clips for July 8, 2011.  

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Calif. Groups Sue EPA Over Civil Rights Complaint. Kettleman
City, Calif. (AP) --Two community groups in California say the
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency hasn't responded to a
discrimination complaint filed more than a decade ago about how
California's three toxic waste dumps are all near poor Latino
communities. They've filed a federal lawsuit in Fresno that
alleges the EPA has failed to address their complaints in a
timely manner. The three toxic dumps are still operating. Posted.

New EPA Rule Will Clean The Air For 240 Million Americans. 
Washington -- Pollution that blows hundreds of miles from
coal-fired power plants into other states will be reduced under a
final plan that the Environmental Protection Agency announced
Thursday.  The rule, a revision of a Bush administration plan,
will require pollution reductions in 27 states from Texas and
Minnesota on the west to the East Coast. Posted. 

State's Air Pollution Deadline Extended.  The federal government
has approved plans to curb one of the San Joaquin Valley's most
dangerous forms of air pollution while also allowing a few more
years to get the job done.  The recently approved plans rely on
new state rules to clean up trucks, buses and construction
equipment. Those diesel-powered vehicles are a primary source of
tiny pollution particles, which are responsible for thousands of
premature deaths in the Valley and in Southern California. 

How Many Lives Did The EPA Just Save With Coal Pollution
Regulation?  The EPA's new rules regulate emissions from
coal-fired power plants, limiting air pollution from coal plants
in 27 Eastern states. According to the agency, this could result
in 34,000 fewer premature deaths per year by 2014, plus
preventing 15,000 heart attacks and 400,000 cases of asthma every
year. (The above map shows how many early deaths could be
prevented in each state.) Posted. 


CARB Issues Draft Plan On Emission Cap-And-Trade System. San
Francisco - The California Air Resources Board late Thursday
released a draft proposal that provides details on how it will
implement its cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions. CARB Chairwoman Mary Nichols on June 28 said that
while the agency expects the cap-and-trade system to be in place
in January, compliance with the regime will be postponed to 2013.

Cap-And-Trade Policies Losing Steam. Cap-and-trade policies were
once heralded as the most cost-effective way to combat climate
change, creating visions of a trillion-dollar global market that
would clean up the air and spawn a revolution in new energy
technologies. But the concept, originally created by Republican
economists, appears to be dying by a thousand cuts. Politicians
who once embraced the idea now see it as a third rail, while
states and countries are either delaying or rejecting its
implementation outright. Posted.


Cummins Pays $500,000 in Penalties to California, EPA. The
California Air Resources Board today announced that Cummins paid
$500,000 for failing to properly retest its engines already in
use. Cummins violations include: * Not testing at least four
engines in selected engine families; * Completing tests after the
deadline set in a 1998 settlement agreement for a previous air
quality infraction; * Reporting test results more than 30 days
after test completion; and, * Testing 10 vehicles at less than
the maximum weight, as designated in the terms of a 1998
agreement. Posted.


Ethanol Subsidies Besieged.  Federal subsidies for corn ethanol
have long been considered untouchable in Washington — not least
because politicians want the votes of Iowans, who have
traditionally held the first nominating caucuses in the contest
for the presidency.  Mark Marquis, the president of Marquis
Energy, says the ethanol industry understands that times have
changed. Posted. 


Barbara Boxer, House Republicans Both Forgo Earmarks For
California Transportation. Washington – California road and rail
projects once found a secure home in huge transportation bills
passed by Congress. Not any more. On Thursday, key House members
rolled out a six-year, $230 billion transportation proposal that
omits the kind of local project earmarks long championed by
California lawmakers. No Sacramento light rail. No Fresno buses.


Abu Dhabi Hosts Africa Meeting On Renewable Energy.  Africa's
growing economy and reliance on carbon-emitting energy from wood
and charcoal could "exponentially" worsen global warming unless
the continent steps up its investment in wind, solar and hydro
power, the head of a new international energy agency said Friday.
 The key to ramping up renewable energy resources is to develop a
regulatory framework to …Posted. 
AP Newsbreak:


Editorial: Will Obama Cave On Fuel Efficiency? For more than two
years, President Barack Obama has talked tough about the need to
bolster fuel economy standards to reduce pollution and dependence
on foreign oil. Yet as Obama starts to mount a 2012 re-election
campaign, there are disturbing signs he may cave on fuel economy
standards to placate Detroit and improve his chances to win
Michigan and other states in the general election. Posted.

On Matters of Cleaning the Air, Consensus Is Key. It’s no secret
I abhor air pollution. I loathe toxic air and with good reason. I
can’t find one thing good about it. Clean air matters. No
question, as no one in his or her right mind wants dirty air,
but, in reality, what we in Fresno have been seeing over the past
several days does not belie our eyes. As a matter of fact, the
Air Quality Index for this region has either been in the
unhealthful for sensitive groups or the unhealthful range—AQI of
100 and above. Posted.


Clean Air, Mortality and Cost: A Thought Exercise.  Philip
Angell, an old hand at the Environmental Protection Agency, gave
me a bit of advice when I became an environmental reporter some
years ago. The E.P.A., he said, is a public health agency. Think
of it that way.  The wisdom and the limitations of that advice
became clearer over time. Like the Food and Drug Administration’s
standards for new drugs or state mandates for childhood
vaccinations, the agency’s air pollution rules are intended to
save lives.  Posted. 

Ethanol Industry Welcomes Compromise.  Any other year, the
ethanol industry would have declared a defeat, not a victory.  As
I mention in Friday’s Times, three senators — one an ethanol
opponent and the other two supporters — came up with a grand
compromise on Thursday that would end the $6 billion in annual
tax credits that go to blenders of ethanol in gasoline and a
tariff designed to keep Brazilian ethanol out of the United
States.  Posted. 

Trash Trucks Fueled By 'Trash Gas': A Growing Trend. The company
that operates the largest trucking fleet in the waste industry is
fueling more and more trucks with so-called trash gas. On
Tuesday, Houston-based Waste Management Inc. will add its 1,000th
truck fueled with natural gas. Powered with captured and
converted methane gas from the company's Altamont, Calif.,
landfill, the new truck will service Long Beach, picking up
recyclables. Posted.

Two-Year Drop in California Carbon Emissions. If you're ready for
some good news on the climate front: California's carbon
emissions from power generation dropped in 2009 and 2010. That's
according to a new analysis from Thomson Reuters' Point Carbon
that looked at power generated here in California, as well as
electricity imported from out of state. According to the report
(available by subscription only), emissions were down 12% over
the study period. Posted.

Two Plating Shops Hit With Fines. Two plating shops in California
and Arizona are facing huge fines after local officials deemed
they violated environmental laws and regulations in storing
hazardous waste. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fined
TMW Corporation – which operates Crown Chome Plating in Van Nuys,
CA ‑ $100,000 for violations of the Resource Conservation
and Recovery Act during an inspection conducted by EPA in April
2009. Posted.

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