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newsclips -- Newsclips for July 12, 2011.

Posted: 12 Jul 2011 12:01:41
California Air Resources Board News Clips for July 12, 2011. 

This is a service of the California Air Resources Board’s Office
of Communications.  You may need to sign in or register with
individual websites to view some of the following news articles.


Defending The Rural Lifestyle. A San Bernardino County supervisor
is urging High Desert residents to defend their rural way of life
as regional planners seek public comments on how to impose a
state law that aims to reduce air pollution by encouraging higher
density housing near transit centers, among other strategies to
reduce reliance on the automobile. Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt
acknowledges that nearly half of the High Desert workers he
represents commute 40 or more miles to their jobs. Posted.

California Businesses Get New Ways To Reduce Greenhouse Gases. • 
Bill could increase use of public transit, vanpooling, and
bicycling for commutes •  ‘Will reduce workers’ commute costs by
up to 40 percent’ Getting to work on the bus, a commuter train,
in a van pool or even by bicycle would get new encouragement
under a proposal making its way through the California
Legislature. Posted.

EPA Closes In On Thrice-Delayed Ozone Decision. U.S. EPA has sent
the White House a set of final rules to update the national air
quality standards for smog, signaling that the Obama
administration will make up its mind soon after pushing back the
controversial decision three times. The rules received by the
White House Office of Management and Budget yesterday are
expected to seek a stricter limit on the acceptable amount of
ozone in the air. Posted.

EPA Proposes Phaseout Of Bulky Vapor Nozzles At Gasoline Pumps.
Following through on a promise made by the White House when it
released initial agency plans for getting rid of red tape earlier
this year, U.S. EPA has come out with a phaseout plan for rules
that require gasoline stations to cut down on air pollution by
using special nozzles on their gas pumps. EPA originally ordered
some parts of the country to use vapor-recovery nozzles to trap
chemicals such as volatile organic compounds, which can otherwise
escape from gas tanks. Posted.

Navistar Sues Federal EPA. Company says agency allowing rivals to
skirt Clean Air Act. Springfield — In a lawsuit filed July 5,
Navistar accused EPA Director Lisa Jackson of not doing her duty
to uphold the Clean Air Act, and her agency of not doing its part
to protect public health. If Navistar’s claims hold true, trucks
from model 2010 and beyond would not have to meet Clean Air Act
standards when it comes to nitrogen oxides — chemicals best known
to cause the brown haze around smoggy cities. Posted.


FACTBOX-Carbon Trading Schemes Around The World.  Companies and
governments are turning to emissions trading as a weapon to fight
climate change and join a carbon market worth $136 billion last
year.  Carbon markets trade rights to emit greenhouse gases such
as carbon dioxide and are often seen as more politically
acceptable than carbon taxes, though some governments struggle to
pass enabling laws.  Posted. 
Australia PM: Carbon Tax Won't Kill Coal Industry.  Australia's
prime minister on Tuesday touted a $5 billion bid for one of the
nation's coal miners as proof an unpopular new tax on the
country's worst polluters won't cause the collapse of Australia's
lucrative coal industry.  Prime Minister Julia Gillard said U.S.
coal company Peabody Energy Corp. and steelmaker ArcelorMittal's
joint bid for Queensland state's Macarthur Coal Ltd. shows
companies are not scared off by the tax. It will force the
country's 500 worst polluters to pay 23 Australian dollars ($25)
for every metric ton of carbon they emit.  Posted. 

AP Newsbreak:


Methane Plant To Generate Power For Miramar Marines. A new power
plant at the Miramar Landfill will use methane gas to generate
almost half of the adjacent air station’s energy needs, Marine
officials said. The military, the city of San Diego, and
Fortistar Methane Group are slated to break ground Tuesday on the
joint project, which is expected to provide enough renewable
energy to power about 2,461 homes at Miramar Marine Corps Air
Station. Posted.

Ethanol Attacks in California Continue. Policymakers in
California are once again attacking its ethanol industry. Led by
California Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), she has plans in the
works to limit incentives for production and use of biofuels that
would cause taxes to be raised, an increase in use of foreign
oil, reduce jobs, and increase pollution. According to the
California Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (CEVC), Sen. Feinstein has
“long harbored what many observers feel is an irrational vendetta
against ethanol.” Posted.

Carbon Tax, Cap And Trade Better Than Current U.S. Biofuels
Policies -- AEI paper The United States should drop pro-biofuel
policies such as tax credits, the renewable fuel standard and
import tariffs on foreign ethanol in favor of alternatives like
lump-sum payments to farmers and a carbon tax or cap-and-trade
system, according to a paper from the American Enterprise
Institute. Posted.


AP Sources: GM To Sell Diesel Chevy Cruze in US. The Chevrolet
Cruze, the most popular car in the U.S. last month, will come in
a diesel version that could boost gas mileage to around 50 mpg,
two people briefed on General Motors Co. product plans said
Monday. A diesel Cruze would help GM meet more stringent
government gas mileage requirements. It also would rival the
efficiency of the popular Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid, which
gets 51 mpg in the city and 48 on the highway, according to
estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency. Posted. 

Volkswagen Studies Twin Drive Plug-in Hybrids.  Last year, the
Volkswagen Group launched the VW Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne
hybrids. This year it will launch two more, the Porsche Panamera
and the Audi Q5, followed two more next year, the Audi A6 and A8.
 All of these cars are regular hybrids. Models with plugs are
further away on the horizon, but they are on their way. Posted. 
Electric Vehicle Range Extenders - A Large New Market.  This
article shares some of the research in the new IDTechEx report,
Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles . We are in the age of the
hybrid electric vehicle which is strongly outselling the pure
electric vehicle in market value though not in numbers over the
next decade. This is mainly due to the hybrid land vehicles
replacing those with conventional powertrains for economy and
reduction in pollution where performance is demanded that is
still not affordably obtainable from batteries alone.  Posted. 


Solar Panels Still Rare, Despite Glow of $7 Power Bills. When Ed
and Paula Antonio moved from a small home in Marine Park,
Brooklyn, to a roughly 3,000-square-foot house in Belle Harbor,
Queens, they realized that with all that space and a central
air-conditioning system, their electricity costs would run much
higher. So after intensive research and analysis and the bids of
five contractors, they paid $72,000 to install 42 solar panels on
their new roof. Posted. 

Heat And Light Over Incandescent Bulb Ban.  Four years ago,
Congress had the not-so-bright idea to tell Americans what kind
of light bulbs they could buy.  The familiar incandescent bulbs,
which give off more heat than light, will be phased out beginning
in January under new efficiency standards contained in the Energy
Independence and Security Act of 2007.  This will reduce
greenhouse gas emissions and, we are assured, save us lots of
money. Posted. 

GOP Rep Hopes To Shatter His Own Lightbulb Legislation.  Lately
it seems that the House Republican leadership is against
everything that isn't pre-approved by Big Oil or the Tea Party.
Perhaps the most outlandish example of this Groucho Marx approach
to public policy is the upcoming vote on the BULB Act, H.R. 2417.
It would repeal the energy efficiency standards for lightbulbs
established in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
[PDF] (EISA). Posted. 


West Valley College Teaching Values With Solar Panel Project. 
The sun is truly shining upon West Valley College, and the newest
addition to the Saratoga campus is soaking it all up.  On June 1,
construction began on West Valley's solar array system, and the
project is expected to be fully functional by mid-October.
Students and nearby residents have no doubt noticed the large
white structures that now cover parking lots 4 and 5 along
Fruitvale Avenue near the main entrance of the school.  Posted. 

Riverdale Teacher Makes Pitch For Renewable Energy.  A Fresno
County school teacher who helped students to better understand
renewable energy got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at
the San Francisco Giants' game Sunday night at AT&T Park in San
Francisco.  Mary Funk, who teaches students in the fifth and
sixth grades at Burrel Union Elementary School in Riverdale, was
recipient of the PG&E Solar Schools Inspirational Educator of the
Year award for her impact in helping students design an outdoor
learning center at the school.  Posted. 


EDITORIAL: Obama’s Coal Tax. New EPA rules mean 1.4 million fewer
jobs, higher electric bills. The Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) on Wednesday finalized “cross-state air pollution”
regulations designed to drive coal-plant operators out of
business. This noxious rule will choke job creation and ensure
that consumers are stricken with higher utility bills every time
they switch on the mercury-filled curlicue light bulbs they also
will be forced to buy. Posted.

Time To Rev Up Mileage Requirements For Nation's Automobiles. The
familiar arguments have revved up in Washington over what kind of
fuel efficiency standards should be put in place for millions of
vehicles scheduled to roll off U.S. assembly lines in the future.
Government regulators are aiming at an industry wide average of
56.2 miles a gallon by 2025. It's a laudable goal, designed to
conserve oil and protect the environment. Posted.


Packed in a Box, Another Transportation Idea for Cities. As
car-sharing services continue to evolve, so should the vehicles
used in those programs, say James Brooks and Richard Bone, recent
graduates of the Vehicle Design program at the Royal College of
Art. The former classmates recently opened their own firm, Brooks
& Bone, and designed a vehicle specifically for urban car-sharing
services that resembles the prototypical box on wheels. Posted. 

Supply (Not Demand) Explains Sales Differences Between LEAF and
Volt. Sales figures for the Nissan LEAF and the Chevrolet Volt
are being closely watched. Since both cars represent a new breed
of vehicle, the relative success of either one may possibly
represent the dominant technology for years to come. Whereas the
LEAF is an all-electric vehicle, the VOLT is a plug-in hybrid
(more on the differences here), and as both cars …Posted. 

Michele Bachmann And Fellow Republicans Throw Weight Into “Light
Bulb Freedom Of Choice Act.” Michele Bachmann and Fellow
Republicans Throw Weight into “Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act.”
Republicans in the House of Representatives – in the midst of
attempting to raise the debt ceiling and balance our budget –
have decided to take on what some are calling the “Light Bulb
Freedom of Choice Act”. Posted.

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