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arbcombo -- 15-Day Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text and Availability of Additional Document

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 10:41:17
The California Air Resources Board has posted the 15-Day Notice
of Public Availability of Modified Text and Availability of an
Additional Document for the Proposed Amendment to the Consumer
Products Regulation. 

This notice and the associated regulatory materials can be
accessed from the ARB website address: 

Summary:  At its November 18, 2010, public hearing, the ARB
approved amendments to the Regulation for Reducing Emissions from
Consumer Products (title 17, California Code of Regulations
(CCR), sections 94507-94517).  The proposed amendments would set
new or lower volatile organic compound (VOC) limits for a number
of categories.  For specific categories the proposed amendments
would also prohibit use of certain toxic air contaminants,
compounds with higher global warming potentials, and certain
surfactants that are toxic to aquatic species.  

At the hearing, the staff presented, and the Board approved,
modifications to the regulations originally proposed in the Staff
Report released on September 29, 2010, in response to comments
received after the Staff Report was published.  The modifications
include revisions to limits, effective dates and definitions for
various Lubricant subcategories; restoration of an exclusion for
certain Penetrant products used on energized equipment; revisions
to the Most Restrictive Limit provision; and other nonsubstantive
grammatical and organizational changes.  All of these proposed
revisions are shown in Attachment A to the notice in double
underline to indicate additions and double strikeout to indicate

In the interest of completeness staff has also added to the
rulemaking record and invites comments on a memorandum to Richard
Corey, Chief, Stationary Source Division, from Victoria A.
Whitney, Deputy Director, Division of Water Quality, (DWQ) dated
June 20, 2011.  This memorandum provides DWQ staffís response to
comments submitted by the Alkylphenol Ethoxylates Research
Council on November 17, 2010.  

General information about the Consumer Products Program is
available at the following address:  

Background:  ARBís Consumer Products Program is an important part
of overall efforts to reduce the amount of smog-forming VOC,
toxic air contaminants and greenhouse gases that are emitted from
the use of chemically formulated consumer products.  ARBís
consumer products regulations have resulted in projected emission
reductions of nearly 50 percent since 1990, but more needs to be
done to meet health-based air quality standards.  

If you have any questions or comments regarding the materials
posted, please contact Mr. Nicholas Berger at (916) 327-1516 

Comments on the modified text and the additional document being
placed into the record are due August 4, 2011.  

Written comments will only be accepted on the modifications
approved by the Board and may be submitted by postal mail or
electronic mail submittal as follows:

Postal mail:  Clerk of the Board, Air Resources Board
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814

Electronic submittal:  

Thank you

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