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training -- ARB diesel training courses 512 and 511 just added for 7/26 and 7/28, 2011

Posted: 21 Jul 2011 08:24:25
The Air Resources Board (ARB) has just scheduled additional
sessions of  Course #512 - Diesel Regulation Overview, on July 26
in Diamond Bar and Course #511 -Diesel Exhaust After-Treatment
Devices in Commerce, on July 28. 
These courses are free and open to all.  For more information
about the times and locations for these courses and to register,
please go to
http://www.arb.ca.gov/training/courses.php?course=512  and

For additional information about ARBís training courses, go to

(Please note that another listserve message will be sent the end
of this week with additional upcoming courses for August, 2011.)

If you have any questions about these courses, please contact 
Mark Tavianini, Manager
Mobile Source Compliance Training Section

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