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Posted: 12 Aug 2011 14:59:03
The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) is proposing to amend the
certification test fuel required for demonstrating compliance
with California’s exhaust and evaporative emission standards for
off-road, spark-ignition (SI) engines, including:

•	Large SI (LSI) engines
•	Small off-road engines (SORE)
•	Off-highway recreational vehicles (OHRV)
•	Recreational marine SI engines (Marine SI)

Staff is scheduled to propose this E10 test fuel change at the
December 2011 Board hearing as a minor amendment to the existing
regulations for the LSI engine, SORE, OHRV, and Marine SI engine
categories.  These amendments will be part of proposals for major
amendments to the California SORE and Tier 4 off-road
compression-ignition (CI) engine regulations and test procedures
intended to provide greater alignment with the applicable federal
nonroad small SI engine and nonroad CI engine regulations and
test procedures.  

Specifically, the proposed certification test fuel will have a
ten-percent blend of ethanol, and will be consistent with the new
certification test fuel that ARB will soon propose for adoption
by on-road motor vehicles under the third phase of California’s
Low Emission Vehicle rulemaking (LEV III).  Consult the bulleted
“Fuels”-related items on the LEV III web page
http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/levprog/leviii/leviii.htm for more
information regarding the proposed E10 specifications.  Staff
intends to propose that use of the new E10 certification test
fuel will be optional for the California off-road SI categories
until the 2018 model year.  The new E10 certification test fuel
will become mandatory for certifications beginning with the 2019
model year.  

Please provide any questions or comments about this proposed E10
certification exhaust and evaporative emission test fuel
amendment to Ronald Haste, Manager, Off Road Control Section, at
rhaste@arb.ca.gov or (626)575-6676.   

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