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tru -- CARB verifies Level 3 diesel particulate filters for reefer engines

Posted: 25 Aug 2011 09:41:14
The California Air Resources Board has verified the HUSS MK 35
and MK 50 DPFs (formerly designated as the FS MK 40S and the FS
MK 50S) as a Level 3 Plus diesel emission control strategy for
use with 1998 and newer diesel transport refrigeration unit (TRU
or reefer) engines. 

Hussí MK 35 and MK 50 DPFs are capable of reducing emissions of
diesel particulate matter (PM) by 85 percent or more.  Level 3 PM
control meets the Ultra-Low-Emission TRU In-Use Performance
Standard that is required for model year 2004 and newer TRUs with
25 horsepower and greater engines by December 31, 2011. These
DPFs were previously conditionally verified, pending completion
of field durability tests.  These durability tests have been
completed, as well as more extensive field demonstration testing
on a variety of TRU applications.  The Huss MK 35 and MK 50 DPFs
are now fully verified for use on bobtail and trailer TRU

The HUSS MK 35 and MK 50 DPFs consist of an active exhaust filter
system and an automatic filter regeneration system.  The system
has three modules with silicon carbide filter material that uses
a diesel burner for regeneration.

Specific conditions for which the MK 35 (for 0 to 25 hp TRU
engines) and MK 50 (for 26 to 50 hp TRU engines) DPFs have been
approved may be found (within a few days) on the ARB Verification
Procedure website for Level 3 diesel emissions control strategies
at http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/verdev/level3/level3.htm.  The
list of compatible TRU engines (by model year, manufacturer,
engine family, and displacement) is also listed in the Attachment
listed at the above link.

TRUs are refrigeration systems powered by diesel internal
combustion engines designed to control the environment of
temperature-sensitive products that are transported in trucks,
trailers, shipping containers, and railcars.  These units operate
at distribution centers, grocery stores and other facilities
which are often in close proximity to residential neighborhoods. 
The emissions from TRUs pose a potential threat to both public
health and the environment.  In 2004, the TRU Airborne Toxic
Control Measure (ATCM) was adopted to reduce diesel particulate
matter (PM) emissions from TRU engines.  The TRU ATCM was amended
in November 2010 and those amendments became effective March 7,

Information about the current TRU ATCM is available at the TRU
Website at:  http://www.arb.ca.gov/diesel/tru/tru.htm

If you have any questions, please contact the TRU Help Line at
1-888-878-2826 or call 916-323-0561.

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