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arbcombo -- Presentations Posted and CORRECTION to Webcast Link for August 26 Electricity Technical Meeting

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 09:57:43
The presentations have been posted for ARBís Electricity
Technical Meeting, and ARB is providing a corrected link to the

The presentations can be accessed from ARB's cap-and-trade
program website at:
The corrected webcast link is below:

The presentations will be given at the August 26, 2011 ARB
Electricity Technical Meeting to discuss compliance requirements
for the first deliverers of electricity, supporting reporting
requirements and to discuss proposed solutions to further
strengthen the program to ensure environmental integrity, in
coordination with electricity markets.

If you have questions about the cap-and-trade regulation, please
call (916) 322-2037.  If you have questions about the mandatory
GHG reporting regulation, please call (916) 322-5350.

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