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arbcombo -- Training on Diesel Vehicle Regulation Overview and Diesel Exhaust After-treatment Maintenance

Posted: 01 Sep 2011 09:43:21
The California Air Resources Board will be conducting training on
regulations that affect heavy-duty diesel vehicles and heavy-duty
diesel engine emission control technology maintenance. The
upcoming classes are listed below and additional courses are in
the process of being scheduled throughout the state. Please click
on the course link to view additional courses.

Course 512 includes an overview of a variety of regulations
effecting heavy-duty diesel engines including; Periodic Smoke
Inspection Program (PSIP); Heavy-duty Vehicle Inspection Program
(HDVIP); Commercial Vehicle and School Bus Idling; Emission
Control Labels (ECL): Verified Diesel Emission Control Strategies
(VDECS, retrofit DPF’s); Truck and Bus; Drayage; Transport
Refrigeration Units (TRU); Tractor/Trailer Greenhouse Gas
Reduction; and In-use Off-road regulations.

Course 516 discusses the theory of operation, maintenance,
service, repair, and trouble shooting of diesel exhaust
after-treatment systems. Systems used on 2007 and later USEPA
certified engines, CARB required retrofit after-treatment systems
and record keeping requirements will also be covered. (*There is
a fee to attend this course)

Upcoming Course 512 Diesel Vehicle Regulation Overview training

September 7, 2011
Quinn Company
46101 N. Sierra Hwy
Lancaster, CA 93534 

September 8, 2011
Johnson Machinery
800 East La Cadena Dr.
Riverside, CA 92507

September 21, 2011 (*Modified Course – On-Road Vehicle Focus)
Ironman Parts
2535 Anselmo Drive
Corona, CA 92879

Upcoming Course 516 Diesel Exhaust After-treatment Maintenance
training sessions:

September 9, 2011 (*There is a fee to attend this course)
Santa Ana City College
1530 W 17th St
Santa Ana, CA

To see a list of all courses available please visit

For registration information please visit

**We make every effort to adhere to our proposed training
schedule, but situations can occur that make changes necessary.
Therefore, keep in mind that this schedule is considered
tentative and may change. If you are enrolled in a course and we
find it necessary to make changes in date or location, you will
be notified by us.

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