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tru -- CARB Reefer Rule Compliance Dates for Model Year 2004 Still December 31, 2011

Posted: 07 Sep 2011 08:50:34
ARB Staff Announces There Will Be No Proposed Change to Model
Year 2004 Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU or Reefer) Engine
Compliance Date – Still December 31, 2011. As announced at the
June 29, 2011, public workshop, ARB staff has evaluated the
potential public health risks associated with the current seven
year operational life of TRU engines and found it to be
unacceptably high to receptors located near distribution centers.
 Staff has learned that TRU engine activity at distribution
centers is greater than understood to be in the 2004 rulemaking. 
Therefore, extending the operational life of Model Year (MY) 2004
and newer TRU engines beyond  seven years would increase the
duration of the public’s exposure to diesel PM emissions and
delay the reduction of public health risks near the facilities
where TRUs congregate in large numbers.  Given this, ARB staff is
not proposing to extend the operational life of MY 2004 and newer
TRU engines. 

ARB staff will be presenting this proposal to the Board at the
Board’s October 2011 public hearing.  If the Board, after
considering all of the information presented at the hearing,
concurs with staff’s proposal, then MY 2004 and newer TRU engines
would be required to meet the in-use performance standards, as
specified in the current TRU ATCM, by December 31st of the
seventh year after the engine model year.  Specifically:

•	MY 2004 engines rated at 25 hp and greater must meet the
Ultra-Low-Emission TRU (ULETRU) standard by December 31, 2011;

•	MY 2004 engines in the less than 25 horsepower (hp) category
must meet either the ULETRU or the Low-Emissions TRU (LETRU)
in-use performance standard by December 31, 2011.

What Should Owners of Model Year 2004 Engines Do to Comply?
Owners of TRUs and TRU gen sets equipped with MY 2004 engines
should make compliance decisions now and order compliance
technology as soon as possible so that compliance with the in-use
performance standard is achieved by December 31, 2011.  Orders
should be placed early, taking into consideration the delivery
and installation lead times, which can be several months under
normal circumstances.  Owners should also take into consideration
potential delays due to the holiday season and high demand due to
approaching compliance deadlines.

What Should Owners of Model Year 2005 and Newer Engines Do to
Going forward, MY 2005 and newer TRU engines of any horsepower
category must meet ULETRU by December 31st of the seventh year
after the engine model year, as currently required by the TRU

Background:  TRUs are refrigeration systems powered by diesel
internal combustion engines designed to control the environment
of temperature-sensitive products that are transported in trucks,
trailers, shipping containers, and railcars.  These units operate
in large numbers at California distribution centers, grocery
stores, and other facilities which are often in close proximity
to residential neighborhoods.  The emissions from these units
pose a potential threat to both public health and the
environment.  In 2004, the TRU Airborne Toxic Control Measure
(ATCM) was adopted by the Board to reduce diesel particulate
matter (PM) emissions from TRU and TRU generator (gen) set
engines.  Amendments were adopted by the Board in November 2010.

More details about the TRU 2011 Amendments being proposed and the
public health risks associated with TRU engine operations is
available at the TRU Website:

If you have questions about compliance, please call the TRU
Helpline at:  1 888 878 2826 or call 916-323-0561.

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