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arbcombo -- Applications for Upgrade to Lead Verifier

Posted: 12 Sep 2011 09:00:16
Applications for upgrade from verifier to lead verifier are now
being accepted by ARB. 

If you qualify for an upgrade from a verifier to a lead verifier,
please submit a revised verifier application, with details about
your updated qualifications, to ghgverify@arb.ca.gov by September
27, 2011.  The application is located at:
http://www.arb.ca.gov/cc/reporting/ghg-ver/a_form_v2.doc.  The
next opportunity for an upgrade is in early 2012 when we
re-accredit all verifiers after verifier training on the revised

In order to be eligible for an upgrade, a verifier must provide
evidence per section 95132(b)(2):

Evidence that the applicant has been an ARB accredited verifier
for two continuous years and has worked as a verifier in at least
three completed verifications under the supervision of an ARB
accredited lead verifier, with evidence of favorable assessment
for services performed; or,

Evidence that the applicant has worked as a project manager or
lead person for not less than four years, of which two may be
graduate level work:
1. In the development of GHG or other air emissions inventories;
2. As a lead environmental data auditor in the private sector.

Thank you,
GHG Verification Staff

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